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Answer for the clue "Snowbird's vehicle, maybe", 9 letters:

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Accommodations for a family on the go?

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n. (alternative spelling of motor home English)

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A motorhome (or motor coach ) is a type of self-propelled recreational vehicle or RV which offers living accommodation combined with a vehicle engine. The term motorhome is most commonly used in the United Kingdom , United States , and Canada . Motorhomes...

Usage examples of motorhome.

Elliot had bothered to plant a locator-bug in this motorhome, or whether the Death Star was watching for them, right now, and could it pick them up, out here?

Bolan was tracking in the Warwagon, a twenty-six-foot GMC motorhome which served him admirably as base camp, scout ship, battle-cruiser, home.

The physical evidence was impressive enough, what with the burned-out police car and the scorched and dented motorhome, not to mention the scrapes and bruises on the officers who had been knocked around.

The driver of the motorhome was a gray- haired, wrinkled gentleman of 78 and next to him was his wife of 55 years, gray-haired and wrinkled, too.

It was a convoy of motorhomes on their way to the Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, Oregon.

One moment I was becoming one with and feasting in the traffic court of the cosmos, then the next moment I found myself leaning against the door of my patrol car, the buzzing insects of the early evening clustering around the salty sweat soaking through my uniform, the motorhomes, Fritz later informed me, gone for minutes.