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Answer for the clue "Religious retreat", 5 letters:

Word definitions for asham in dictionaries

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n. (cx Caribbean English) A dessert made from shelled and parched corn pounded into powder.

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Asham or Brown George or other names depending on the island; is a corn -based in the Caribbean cuisine dessert. It is a specialty "all over" the Caribbean. May have its origins with the indigenous African and Indian people."It is made by shelling dry corn,...

Usage examples of asham.

Winnie looked exhausted already, and two were still missing: Ansel Tarr and Asham Mandala.

They wanted me to stop yelling and let them go, and I saw Asham had one of the knives so I just ran back here.

He seem'd a little asham'd at seeing me, but pass'd without saying anything.

I should have been as much asham'd at seeing Miss Read, had not her friends, despairing with reason of my return after the receipt of my letter, persuaded her to marry another, one Rogers, a potter, which was done in my absence.

Franklin, will hold not only in point of character, but of private history) will show that you are ashamed of no origin.

Another stroke of his oratory made me asham'd of that, and determin'd me to give the silver.

And now it was that, being on some occasion made asham'd of my ignorance in figures, which I had twice failed in learning when at school, I took Cocker's book of Arithmetick, and went through the whole by myself with great ease.

Her piteous words might not abate his rage,But rudely rending vp his helmet, wouldHaue slaine him straight: but when he sees his age,And hoarie head of Archimago old,His hastie hand he doth amazed hold,And halfe ashamed, wondred at the sight:For the old man well knew he, though vntold,In charmes and magicke to haue wondrous might,Ne euer wont in field, ne in round lists to fight.

Exceeding wroth was Guyon at that blow,And much ashamd, that stroke of liuing armeShould him dismay, and make him stoup so low,Though otherwise it did him litle harme:Tho hurling high his yron braced arme,He smote so manly on his shoulder plate,That all his left side it did quite disarme.

The whiles, the Faerie knight did entertaineAnother Damsell of that gentle crew,That was right faire, and modest of demaine,But that too oft she chaung'd her natiue hew:Straunge was her tyre, and all her garment blew,Close round about her tuckt with many a plight:Vpon her fist the bird, which shonneth vew,And keepes in couerts close from liuing wight,Did sit, as yet ashamd, how rude Pan did her dight.

Soone as she Venus saw behind her backe,She was asham'd to be so loose surprized,And woxe halfe wroth against her damzels slacke,That had not her thereof before auized,But suffred her so carelesly disguizedBe ouertaken.

The Squire him selfe when as he saw his Lord,The witnesse of his wretchednesse, in place,Was much asham'd, that with an hempen cordHe like a dog was led in captiue case,And did his head for bashfulnesse abase,As loth to see, or to be seene at all:Shame would be hid.

Pleased however with, and pitying the taking she could feel me in, she drew me towards the door, and opening it as softly as she could, we both got off undiscover'd, and she reconducted me to my own room, where, unable to keep my legs, in the agitation I was in, I instantly threw myself down on the bed, where I lay transported, though asham'd at what I felt.

He raises the highest Notion of Conjugal Tenderness from three of his Letters, is asham'd that he is oblig'd to have recourse to a Heathen Author on that Subject.

Constant Complaints have this Effect in the End, That we are asham'd to Complain longer.