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Answer for the clue "90 degrees from ouest", 3 letters:

Alternative clues for the word sud

Opposite of nord

Nord's oppostie

Afrique du ___

French direction

Where Marseille is, en France

S, on a French compass

South of France

Nord's opposite

South of 79-Down?

AmГ©rique du ___

Where Nice is en France

Direction opposite nord

South, in Soissons

South, to René

Word definitions for sud in dictionaries

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
n. (context informal English) A bubble of lather or foam (the singular of suds).

Wikipedia Word definitions in Wikipedia
Sud (, ) is one of the ten departments of Haiti . It has an area of and a population of 774,976. Its capital is Les Cayes .

Usage examples of sud.

Janet, gang na to see: Ye left a chair afore the fire, Whaur I tauld ye nae chair sud be.

The Arabs called this vast slough the Bahr el Ghazal, and the British named it the Sud.

He might have been walking home to Skulkford, due west under the Sud Line and the skyrails, through Sheck, past the massive militia tower to Skulkford Green.

Then she took a deep breath and began, telling them of the Long Interval between the dangerous passes of the Red Star: how the sole Weyr had fallen into disfavor and contempt, how Jora had deteriorated and lost control over her queen, Nemorth, so that, as the Red Star neared, there was no sud- den increase in the size of clutches.

Saul grew tired quickly, fighting off sleep as Kochubey went on and Erika raced along the Autoroute du Sud toward Lyon.

Ten hours to Bassin du Sud or vicinity, an hour at each end for turnaround, and an hour for fueling.

Hundreds of soldiers in Union Legion khaki were clinging to ropes that ran to loops along its lower sides, holding it a few yards from the stretch of country road ten miles west of Bassin du Sud.

What chance of getting the Unionaise in Bassin du Sud to mount a counterattack on the landing zone?

Islvert, Sanmere, Marsai on the southeast coast, and are landing troops from Errife near Bassin du Sud.

Errif to Marsai, the rebel generals are bringing them in by air to Bassin du Sud.

Jeffreys finger stabbed down on the rough country north of Bassin du Sud.

There had been a couple of thousand yesterday, when he began back-pedaling from the ruins of Bassin du Sud.

Two of the Land aircraft were slanting down towards the Bassin du Sud refugees and the Santander party.

Militia had had to be called out to put down anti-Chosen rioting when the pictures of the Bassin du Sud massacre came out.

One did catch his eye, a mosaic piece showing Bassin du Sud as it had looked a couple of centuries ago, with only the grim bulk of the castle on its hill, and a small walled village at its feet.