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Answer for the clue "Gabrielle of volleyball and modeling ", 5 letters:

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The name Reece may refer to one of the following people. The name derives from the Welsh name Rhys . Alex Reece Angel Reece Caley Reece Christopher Reece Gabrielle Reece Jane Reece Jason Reece Jimmy Reece Lewis Reece (b. 1991), Welsh rugby league footballer...

Usage examples of reece.

And to my sister and fellow author, Julie Reece Deaver, for being there throughout it all.

His voice sounded almost like a musical saw, reaching a vocal weirdness that neither Reece nor Stroup nor Heacox had ever before heard in their lives, not even in the jungles of Cambodia.

As it involved a penalty clause I telephoned Peter about it and at the end of our conversation I asked how Reece was making out.

For one moment Ann Reece hesitated and then, her face scarlet with anger, she fled precipitantly along the corridor and up the broad stairs.