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Step \Step\, v. t. To set, as the foot. (Naut.) To fix the foot of (a mast) in its step; to erect. To step off , to measure by steps, or paces; hence, to divide, as a space, or to form a series of marks, by successive measurements, as with dividers.

Usage examples of step.

It seems likely that Raeder took this step largely because he wanted to anticipate any sudden aberration of his unpredictable Leader.

I will not wear thy soul with words about my grief and sorrow: but it is to be told that I sat now in a perilous place, and yet I might not step down from it and abide in that land, for then it was a sure thing, that some of my foes would have laid hand on me and brought me to judgment for being but myself, and I should have ended miserably.

Henry helped her up the steps, through the door and into the foyer, and Abigail gasped in admiration.

Everett were just stepping out of the stables when they spied Abigail and Moira strolling toward them, talking and laughing.

Once inside the ablutions one of the interrogators pulled his underpants down around his ankles and ordered him to step out of them and bend over.

The party had come aboard without waiting to be invited, their leader stepping forward with his hat in his hand.

Oswald Brunies, the strutting, candy-sucking teacher -- a monument will be erected to him -- to him with magnifying glass on elastic, with sticky bag in sticky coat pocket, to him who collected big stones and little stones, rare pebbles, preferably mica gneiss -- muscovy biotite -- quartz, feldspar, and hornblende, who picked up pebbles, examined them, rejected or kept them, to him the Big Playground of the Conradinum was not an abrasive stumbling block but a lasting invitation to scratch about with the tip of his shoe after nine rooster steps.

I have expiated with pleasure on the first steps of the crusaders, as they paint the manners and character of Europe: but I shall abridge the tedious and uniform narrative of their blind achievements, which were performed by strength and are described by ignorance.

Heart beating too fast, Abrim suited up and stepped into the personnel lock.

The room was abuzz with lesser courtiers trying to take their first step on the long and slippery ladder to preferment and office.

He stepped up behind Banish as though they were about to meet Abies in person.

Nest stood ran almost due south, it would be quicker to continue along it and cross the Acis lower down than to retrace the steps Dorcas and I had already taken and go back to the foot of the postern wall of Acies Castle.

She had just stepped into the Acme Florists and given an order to the clerk.

David and Deborah his manner remained always the same, jestingly ironic, scornfully loquacious, lovingly friendly of a sudden, then for a day, two days, a week utterly silent, while his eyes roved, his ears were acock listening for a step.

I replied, following her steps, that I presumed they had been placed there to impose on fools, or to excite the laughter of those acquainted with history.