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Answer for the clue "Further in", 6 letters:

Alternative clues for the word deeper

Like Ontario vis-Г -vis Erie

Having more bass

More profound

Like the diving end of a pool vis-Г -vis the other end

Like Ontario vis-

Less shallow

More abstruse

More recondite

More involved

Word definitions for deeper in dictionaries

The Collaborative International Dictionary Word definitions in The Collaborative International Dictionary
Deep \Deep\ (d[=e]p), a. [Compar. Deeper (d[=e]p"[~e]r); superl. Deepest (d[=e]p"[e^]st).] [OE. dep, deop, AS. de['o]p; akin to D. diep, G. tief, Icel. dj[=u]pr, Sw. diup, Dan. dyb, Goth. diups; fr. the root of E. dip, dive. See Dip , Dive .] Extending...

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
a. (en-comparative of: deep )

WordNet Word definitions in WordNet
See deeply

Wikipedia Word definitions in Wikipedia
Deeper: The D:finitive Worship Experience is a compilation album by the band Delirious? .

Usage examples of deeper.

Heterarchy, in and by itself, is merely differentiation without integration, disjointed parts recognizing no common and deeper purpose or organization: heaps, not wholes.

We are all holons within holons within holons forever, and each of these theorists helps orient us to deeper and larger engagements, therein to find deeper and wider meanings and liberations.

And although these different varieties of the Deeper Order certainly disagree with each other at many points, they all agree on this: the universe is not what it appears.

Divine Domain, with a Deeper Order, and how it might indeed be related to the cosmos, the biosphere, and the noosphere.

And so in this sense it is properly said that this stage is higher or deeper, meaning more valuable and useful for a wider range of interactions.

One form of life may be seen as fuller, another way of feeling and acting as purer, a mode of feeling or living as deeper, a style of life as more admirable, and so on.

They are constitutionally incapable of coming clean about the deeper sources of their own thinking.

These claims do not rank so much between cultures, but within cultures: the cultures themselves recognize higher and lower, or deeper and shallower, or better and worse values.

The new holon can respond to deeper or higher worlds, because its translation processes transcend and include those of its subholons.

The self is situated in contexts within contexts within contexts, and each shift in context is an often painful process of growth, of death to a shallow context and rebirth to a deeper one.

However, deep hermeneutics maintains that once the person loosens the repression barrier, exposes this deeper truth, and acknowledges it, then a certain liberation is gained, a liberation from the distortions, lies, and delusions that were constructed to hide the truth.

Both Marx and Freud, we may grant, were on to some sort of deeper and very important truths: but are these truths the whole truth, so to speak?

Spirit must be interpreted as part of the defense mechanisms and repression barriers that are hiding the deeper truth of sexual lust.

These deeper meanings are dynamically resisted, because their acknowledgment would involve some sort of deep pain or shocking recognition.

Contacting the deeper meaning is a liberation from the false and distorted surface meaning, and this liberation is experienced as type of freedom from a prior suffering or constraint.