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Answer for the clue "Less than 1%", 3 letters:

Alternative clues for the word sim

Actor Alastair

Scrooge portrayer, 1951

Computer game ___ City

___City (popular computer game)

___City (game)

Yes, in SГЈo Paulo

___ City (Maxis game)

Computer family member

Screened city dweller?

Actor who played Scrooge in "A Christmas Carol," 1951

___City (computer game)

Kind of card

Noted Scrooge portrayer

Canine command

___ card

"Scrooge" star, 1951

Customizable character in a computer game

Scrooge player Alastair

___ card (cellphone chip)

Alastair of "A Christmas Carol"

Resident of a popular "City"

Virtual city dweller

"Yes, in S"

A Scrooge portrayer

Filmdom's Alastair

Metaphor's cousin: Abbr.

Alastair ___, British actor

Alastair ___ of British films

Word definitions for sim in dictionaries

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
n. (context informal English) A simulation.

Wikipedia Word definitions in Wikipedia
The game of Sim is played by two players on a board consisting of six dots ('vertices'). Each dot is connected to every other dot by a line ('edge'). Two players take turns coloring any uncolored lines. One player colors in one color, and the other colors...

Usage examples of sim.

Cholecystotomy for the relief of the distention of the gallbladder from obstruction of the common or cystic duct and for the removal of gall-stones was first performed in 1867 by Bobbs of Indianapolis, but it is to Marion Sims, in 1878, that perfection of the operation is due.

Early next day, Monday, the young dalesman set about inquiries among the townspeople as to whether a man answering to the description which he gave of Sim had been seen to pass through the town.

Ela fez que sim e olhou sorrindo para a mulher dele e, depois, para os filhos.

If these were the sims from the globulin farm, what were they doing here?

Sim slowed more, and Keri kept shoving his shield too far to one side.

Chion, Sim, and Lyte, together, followed by the others, all children growing swiftly into fighting men.

Pushing Lyte abruptly aside he seized upon a rock and dealt Sim a jolting blow upon his ankle that laid wide the flesh.

Sim leaped up, caught at an overhanging rock, locked Lyte in his legs, and drew himself hand over hand upward.

Elizabeth aslumber, but the sims also awake, and at frolic meseems, from the noises up the stairway.

Sim was enjoying himself debating through the menu with two white-jacketed waiters in voices raised over the hubbub of diners noshing and talking.

I dropped in to see Forrest, and Rosario and a friend of hers snuck aboard my plane and started running dry sims in the cockpit.

Domine, ab vitiis meis, ut solius tuae voluntatis mihi cupidus sim, et vocationis .

It had been fun meeting Roxanne Roc and playing with Sim Chick, and Tweeter had taught Sim some dirty bird jokes that no nonbird would understand.

And finally, I moved out of the Sim Room altogether, and set up my personal traveling zendo in the second of the two good spots I had mentally marked on the Upper Ag Deck.

In a few minutes the three men had drawn up at the cottage on the breast of Brandreth where Sim had asked for a drink.