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Answer for the clue "Juno, in Greece", 4 letters:

Alternative clues for the word hera

Patroness of the Argonauts

Mother of Hephaestus

Heavenly queen

Olympus queen

Queen of the heavens

Bickerer in the "Iliad"

Wife of Zeus

Queen of Olympus

Greek queen of heaven

Goddess whose name means "chosen one"

Daughter of Cronus

Zeus's wife

Juno's Greek counterpart

Ares' mother

Sister of Zeus

Jealous wife of myth

Jealous wife in Greek myth

Hectorer of Zeus

Zeus' wife

Ancient Olympia's Temple of ___

Consort of Zeus

Frequent quarreler with Zeus

Vengeful Olympian

Vindictive Greek goddess

Vindictive Olympian

Sister and wife of Zeus

Jealous Olympian

Goddess of matrimony

Mother of Ares

Zeus' spouse

Vindictive goddess

Ox-eyed queen of myth

"Ox-eyed lady" in the "Iliad"

Goddess whose bird was a peacock

Queen on Mount Olympus

Goddess with a cow as an emblem

Jealous queen of myth

Vengeful goddess

Juno's counterpart

She punished Echo

Goddess whose name is an anagram of her mother's

Queen in Greek myth

Queen of myth

Vindictive one, in myth

Juno, to the Greeks

Goddess who competed for the apple of discord

"Great ___!" (Wonder Woman cry)

Mother of Ares and Hephaestus

Goddess in a chariot drawn by peacocks

Goddess involved in Hercules' labors

Goddess of marriage

One sitting on a celestial throne

Also-ran for the golden apple, in myth

Olympian deity

Queen of the Greek gods

Sister and wife of Zeus remembered for her jealously of the many mortal women Zeus fell in love with

Identified with Roman Juno

Queen of the Olympian gods in ancient Greek mythology

Statue by Polyclitus

Queen of the gods

Sister of Poseidon

Mother of Eris

Olympian queen

A daughter of Cronos

Olympic queen

Mythical queen of heaven

Queen on Olympus

Zeus's sister and mate

Wife or sister of Zeus

Zeus's queen

Zeus's consort

Apple of discord contender

First Lady of Olympus

Goddess watching over Xanthippe

Goddess associated with the peacock

Cronus' daughter

Zeus's spouse

Juno, to Plato

The peacock was sacred to her

Queen of heaven, to Homer

Goddess of women and marriage


She mothered a war god

Romans called her Juno

Olympian goddess

Wife and sister of Zeus

Queen seduced by a cuckoo

Queen on Mt. Ida

Rival of Leto

Her epithet was Argeia

Greek Juno

"The ox-eyed" of Olympus

Spouse of Zeus

Greek goddess

Nyoro peasants

Zeus' sister and spouse

Juno her name?

Olympian figure

Olympus dweller

Word definitions for hera in dictionaries

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary Word definitions in Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary
sister and wife of Zeus, from Greek Hera, literally "protectress," related to heros "hero," originally "defender, protector."

Wikipedia Word definitions in Wikipedia
Hera (, , Greek , Hērā , equivalently , Hērē , in Ionic and Homer ) is the wife and one of three sisters of Zeus in the Olympian pantheon of Greek mythology and religion . Her chief function was as the goddess of women and marriage. Her counterpart in the...

Usage examples of hera.

For thus Hera devised it, that Aeaean Medea might come to Ioleus for a bane to Pelias, forsaking her native land.

Hydra The beast of Hera, daughter of the serpent-goddess Echidna, guarded the entrance to the underworld at Lerna.

I want to get my feet on some solid ground down there on Heras 6 and find myself a woman to share my life with.

It entered the outer atmosphere of Heras 6 and the Captain had to fight to regain control, as the ship sped too quickly towards the surface of the planet.

The Government fear that he is using the party to extend the activities of his pirate organisation on Heras 6.

He once said be would stop at nothing to redistribute the balance of power back to Earth, even if it meant the ruin of Heras 6.

Then he studied the co-ordinates a little more carefully, and with a sickening feeling he realised it would destroy Heras 6 before it stopped.

However, I gained much more support than I had ever thought possible, and although the percentage was small, it coincided with the split in the Administration Party, who are putting up candidates against themselves on the Heras 6 - Earth issue.

Slarvo 3 that Dan Hutyer from Heras 6 is here and is taking over from Mr.

It was an invention of the late Professor Lewis of Heras 6, his sister said it was defective and was burnt out when we used it.

The Administration of Slarvo 3 had an agreement with Heras 6 to ensure that noone discovered your true identity.

As Juno Lucina, Queen of Celestial Light, She is related to Her Greek counterpart, Hera, from Whose breasts streamed the Milky Way.

Hera loved this tree very much, but after a while she found she could not keep it in her own garden for Zeus would steal the beautiful golden apples and distribute them as favors to the nymph or dryad or naiad or Titaness or human girl he happened to be courting at the time.

I can barely keep Hera in her place, especially when she decides on some little pet project close to her heart, such as slaughtering the Achaeans to a man.

This is, after all, Hera, wife and sister to Zeus, queen of the gods and the most powerful of all of the goddesses with the possible exception of Athena.