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Answer for the clue "Destructive pest", 4 letters:

Word definitions for apid in dictionaries

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n. (context zoology English) Any member of the Apidae.

Usage examples of apid.

Above, the plague would begin to transform him too rapidly for her tastes.

With well-rehearsed rapidity he slid the thing into a sheath concealed behind the folds of his cloak.

If it happened now, she thought, the walls would be rapidly redecorated in sticky, coagulating red.

But the pulses of gravitational radiation were quickening, now coming almost too rapidly to separate.

When that point was reached, most cultures expanded rapidly into the galaxy, although there were always a few stay-at-homes who preferred to colonise only their own solar systems, or sometimes even just their own circum-planetary environments.

But generally the pace of expansion was rapid, with a mean drift rate between one tenth and one hundredth of the speed of light.

The glare underlit the legs, picking them out in rapid strobing flashes as the room adjusted its fall, negated it and began to heave-to alongside the ship once more.

Khouri heard four rapid pops, almost too closely spaced to discriminate, as if a projectile weapon had emptied its chamber.

Perhaps two seconds had elapsed since the other door had opened, but it had seemed much longer as Khouri's mind easily switched to the mode of rapid consciousness which combat demanded.

The process was unnervingly rapid, like watching a party balloon inflate into the shape of an animal.

Her suit, where it was not blackened by the hits it had sustained, was a quilt of mismatched psychedelic colours and rapidly morphing hyper-geometric textures, sprouting half-realised weapons and devices.

Since there was no feeling of weight in the gel-air, Khouri rapidly lost all sensation of up and down, but she instinctively trusted the suit's own inertial systems to figure things out.

It was as if he were incorporating the mass of the counteragent into his matrix more rapidly than he could convert the substrate of the ship.

There had been a nice rapid-cycle plasma rifle, manufactured three centuries ago, but by no means outdated, and its neural-feed aiming system would make it very useful in close combat.

The rim armaments were still lancing away at the crustal countermeasures, but now the spore discharges were coming from tens of kilometres away, and it was clear that no immediate threat was posed, unless the crust was capable of improbably rapid regeneration.