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Answer for the clue "Lucky charms", 7 letters:

Alternative clues for the word amulets

Juju and mojo

Hex halters

Supposed sources of good fortune




Lucky pieces

Word definitions for amulets in dictionaries

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n. (plural of amulet English)

Usage examples of amulets.

The magical trillium amulets were hung on fine golden chains, and the Princesses wore them waking or sleeping.

The three Princesses are said to wear amulets containing buds of the Black Trillium.

It speaks of the Kalian and Kahana of Jador, and two amulets that they wear.

As he sipped his drink, he wondered about the amulets, their stupid curse, and how he could take them from Jador.

Somehow, they were supposed to steal these magic amulets from the Kahan and Kahana of Jador.

If he and his wife did indeed have the magic amulets, he would steal them.

After seeing the awful power of the amulets, he doubted very little now.

When I told him of the amulets he was more than pleased to wear one and I the other.

She wanted to come here with me, to give back the amulets and warn them about you.

In his mind he saw Lukien defeated, and the amulets of immortality around his own neck.

It was why the amulets had been formed, and their spirits forever encased within them.

Totemic spirits traveled too, but as long as members of the clan had their amulets, their totems could track them from the cave and come when they were needed.

In the vast emptiness of the universe, the amulets were a tangible reminder of life.

He wondered if Waves used amulets and if men normally presented them with one.

All the talk about amulets had at least taken some of the tension out of him.