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Answer for the clue "Santa ___ Valley (winegrowing region) ", 4 letters:

Alternative clues for the word ynez

Usage examples of ynez.

The lectern on the left, to which they stepped first, provided background information about the use of windmills for grain milling, water pumping, and electricity production in the Santa Ynez Valley from the 1800s until well into the twentieth century, followed by a history of the preserved mill in front of them, which was called, rather aptly, the New Svenborg Mill.

They passed the road to Solvang on the west, then skirted Santa Ynez itself.

It did, however, contain one spot of excellence that surpassed anything the mining town could provide, the Spanish colonial church of Santa Ynez with its two historic doors.

Since the loss of her second mother the girl had lived with no woman companion save the Indian woman Ynez, and it was the Seer rather than Jefferson Worth to whom she turned in fullest confidence and trust.

Even Ynez, climbing down from the stage, was received with another cheer by the delighted men.

You can have another tent house built and Texas can go for Ynez who will bring what things I need.

But I don't think that you should be left alone here with only Ynez just now.

And will you ask Ynez to have a bite to eat ready for me with a sandwich or two that I can slip into my pocket.

Get two horses—sabe, two—one for Ynez and one for yourself, and have them with El Capitan for La Senorita ready by the back door.

After all, Santa Ynez was the first town north of Santa Barbara and the Aztlán border.

They had left Santa Ynez three hours earlier, right after the morning rain stopped.

Santa Ynez that Wili realized how unusual this first part of the journey might be.

Quickly Father Grávez was thrust against the doors of Santa Ynez, where Salcedo had executed the two freethinkers.

They also burned both Santa Ynez and the visible structures at the mines and produced photographs to prove how complete their pacification had been.

In The Central, buying food for a picnic, he'd soared out of the gloom that had settled over him when they crossed the Santa Ynez Mountains, and he'd been almost jubilant.