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Answer for the clue "Tennis's Berdych", 5 letters:

Alternative clues for the word tomas

1988 skating gold medalist Gustafson

___ de Torquemada (Spanish Inquisition leader)

___ de Torquemada, Spanish inquisitor

Spanish inquisitor ___ de Torquemada

Smid of tennis

Netman Smid

Santo ___, Philippine university

Name for a muchacho

___ Masaryk, Czechoslovakia's first president

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Tomáš is a Czech and Slovak given name. It may refer to: Tomáš Baťa (1876–1932), Czech footwear entrepreneur Tomáš Berdych (born 1985), Czech tennis player Tomáš Cibulec (born 1978), Czech tennis player Tomáš Dvořák (born 1972), Czech athlete Tomáš Enge...