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Answer for the clue "Places for cutters, for short", 3 letters:

Alternative clues for the word ors

Heraldic golds

M.D. spots

Workplaces where there are some openings: Abbr.

Choice words

Surg. areas

Surgery sites, for short

Common correlatives

Scrub-up sites, briefly

Scrub nurses' sites, briefly

Hosp. sites

Work places with tables, for short

Surgeons' locales: Abbr.

Hosp. areas

Where hearts may be opened: Abbr.

Surgery locales: Abbr.

Surgery sites, briefly

Places for cutting remarks?: Abbr.

Settings for some special deliveries: Abbr.

Surgery spots, for short

Places for gurneys, for short

Surgery ctrs.

Organ repair sites: Abbr.

Surgeons' sites, briefly

Where cc's might be given

Workplaces with openings, for short?

Places for R.N.'s

Places for M.D.'s and R.N.'s

Workplaces with openings: Abbr.

Workplaces for some R.N.'s

"Chicago Hope" sets, for short

Surgeon's locales, quickly

Places where organs may be seen: Abbr.

Stitching posts: Abbr.

Surg. workplaces

They might be near I.C.U.'s

Where people wear gowns, for short

They may be near I.C.U.'s

Where some parts are repaired, briefly

Hosp. workplaces

Organ repair sites, briefly

Connecting words in logic

Body repair sites, briefly

Where organs may be repaired, briefly

Sterile hosp. areas

Settings for much stitching, briefly

Places for scrubs, for short

Surgeons' workplaces, for short

"Grey's Anatomy" locales, for short

Places where some R.N.'s work

Sterile environments, for short

They may have you in stitches, in brief

Choice words?

Places with vital monitors, in brief

Sites for system repairs, briefly

Boolean operators

Anesthesiologists' locales, for short

Choice connections

Places gowns are worn, for short

Hosp. areas where you might hear "Scalpel, please"

Medical theaters, for short

Places for C-sections

Where most occupants need masks, for short

Settings for donors, briefly

Scrubs areas, briefly

Some choice words

Surgery locales, for short

Workplaces for R.N.s

Words of logic

Workplaces where gloves are worn, for short

Where scrubs are worn, for short

Option words

People who are in them are out, in brief

Places for hosp. scrubs

"Scrubs sites, for short"

Some connections

Ands companions

Where R.N.'s sometimes work


Surgery spots: Abbr.

Places for M.D.'s

Heraldic colors

Certain connections



Heraldic gold colors

Hosp. locales

Certain conjunctions

Gold tinctures


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Ors is a commune in the Nord department in northern France . It is located on the Sambre–Oise Canal , in a small wood called Bois l'Évêque.