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Answer for the clue "Blood's counterpart", 4 letters:

Alternative clues for the word crip

Los Angeles gang member

L.A. gang member

Blood's rival

Blood rival

Noted avoider of the color red

Blood enemy

L.A. gangster

Word definitions for crip in dictionaries

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
n. A member of, a violent Los Angeles criminal gang that has an intense and bitter rivalry with the Bloods.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary Word definitions in Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary
member of a major U.S. street gang, founded in South Central Los Angeles 1971, the name supposedly originally was cribs , partly a reference to the youth of most of the original members, and when they began carrying "pimp canes" it was altered to Crip ,...

Wikipedia Word definitions in Wikipedia
Crip may refer to: Crips , a street gang in the United States; Crip (software) , a Perl script designed to facilitate CD ripping; CRIP , the Personal Registration and Identification Code , a number used in Mexico's states (with the exception of Mexico City)...

Usage examples of crip.

If the creeps and the cowards that crucify the crelinion, crip after crip, and who furthermore-and we have proof of thishave crossbowed the cradalious ever since the first crackadoes crusaded in the cause of caliphony, if they think they can cajulate and castigate and get away with it, there will be such a cacophony of cabs, cassanings and crinoleum through the criss and cratch of this country, that the crypto-callistans and the quasi-clapperforms will quiver rather than coopt the crokes.

  The Crips wanted to provide security, but Hiro, a student of Altamont, decided to take the risk of snubbing them.

The Crips wanted to provide security, but Hiro, a student of Altamont, decided to take the risk of snubbing them.

While there’s sometimes a halfhearted effort at draping—shrouding the body when cleaning, evacuating and examining—serious crips, real crips, macho crips don’t care.

While there's sometimes a halfhearted effort at draping-shrouding the body when cleaning, evacuating and examining-serious crips, real crips,macho crips don't care.

What Hal requested, Jalal saw as duty, and what Jalal saw as duty the Blood Crips treated as a law of nature.

Before he closed the door, she did see a vast collection of weapons in the outer room, and it struck her that the Blood Crips were better armed than the soldiers at the base from which she had escaped.

Had Jalal not vetoed the idea, a couple of the Blood Crips had intended to let her "make her meat" with an AKM in a drive-by on the Warriors of the Aryan World Alliance.

Rajani heard gunshots, then saw the woman crouch and bring what the Blood Crips had shown her to be an AKM up to her shoulder.

Clutching the gun at waist level the way the Blood Crips had done when talking about their combats, Rajani yanked back on the trigger.

All the field stripping and dry firing she'd done with the Blood Crips hadn't prepared her for recoil.

They accepted only chronic heart, liver, or lung patients, sometimes throwing in a crip for comic relief.

Only _her_ shoes were industrial-strength, high-top basketball jobs with enough home-boy decoration on them to rate her a free pass to a Crips meeting.

The score after the two battles was fifty-four dead, thirty-seven of us crips, two head cases, and only twelve more or less working soldiers, who were of course bristling with enthusiasm.

Crip and Terrier were under one bunk, Loogan and the Professor under the other.