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Answer for the clue "With 69-Across, 1930s-'50s bandleader", 4 letters:

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Samm is a surname and may refer to: Ostaz Samm (born in 1984), hip-hop artist from Amman, Jordan Rudolf Samm (1838–1888), German merchant and member of the Reichstag from 1883 to 1884 Samm is also: the old German name of Samma, Estonia The abbreviation...

Usage examples of samm.

Samms walked toward the group a craneman dropped a couple of tons of steel plate, from a height of eight or ten feet, upon the floor directly behind him.

That Virgilia Samms was the most accomplished muscle-reader of her times.

Full rapport is more intimate than a kiss: no one except her father had ever really put a Lens on Virgilia Samms.

Kinnison called his own wife and their daughter, Virgilia Samms, and Mrs.

Thus, very shortly, Virgilia Samms found herself, completely helpless and completely unrecognizable, walking awkwardly out of the house between a businesslike doctor and a solicitous nurse.