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Dum ( English: Guts) is a 2016 upcoming Indian feature film written and directed by Anuram made in Malayalam-language . The film stars Lal , Shritha Sivadas , Parvathy Nair , Sreejith Ravi , and Shine Tom Chacko . Thiruvananthapuram and Kochi are the major ...

Usage examples of dum.

Ein Ende aller Dinge war zu ihm gekommen, und sein eigenes Ende war da.

Maeve had always told her how Niall, her da, was strong and protective and loving, and she could imagine that this Mac Ard might be the same way.

Skirrik loose in Dum Besar, nosing out those not-placed, those without masters to speak for them.

Land Gate of Dum Besar around mid-afternoon Tired, covered with dust, nothing about her to attract attention, even the fact that she was female concealed by the clothes she wore, she eased past the heat-dazed guards without being noticed.

Spalit and Dum Besar, should you want to go that way, get you that much closer, and faster than you can make it riding.

Brampon who has a boat and is willing to sail it upriver to Dum Besar for the paltry sum of a gold for each of us.

Zeitlang stumm da, und in der Dunkelheit fand seine Hand die ihre, und sie barg ihren Kopf an seiner Brust und weinte.

Sed ego nimirum, dum omnes excusationis causas colligo ne cum Caesare conferar, hoc ipsum crimen arrogantiae subeo, quod me iudicio cuiusquam existimem posse cum Caesare comparari.

Sic in favore magni honoris injustitia quaedam a legibus venit, dum alienis excubiis praeponitur, qui alibi militasse declaratur.

Then clean up your archive footage and have it in my inbox so we can go over it with the DA.

Tambem vos vay hum pedaco de padram que se tirou dua gramde carta dum piloto de jaoa, aquall tinha ho cabo de booa esperamca, portugall e a terra de brasyll, ho mar rroxo e ho mar da persia, as ilhas de crauo, a navegacam dos chins e gores, com suas lynhas e caminhos dercytos por omde as naos hiam, e ho sertam.

Dum haec apud Alesiam geruntur, Galli concilio principum indicto non omnes eos qui arma ferre possent, ut censuit Vercingetorix, convocandos statuunt, sed certum numerum cuique ex civitate imperanDum, ne tanta multitudine confusa nec moderari nec discernere suos nec frumentandi rationem habere possent.

The Dum dropped the last meter and pogoed back on the shock absorbers, simply springs rather than oleo struts, of her landing outrigger.

Quibus valefaciens cum moerore Commisit suis fratribus natos cum uxore: Matremque deosculatos filiali more, Vix eam alloquitur cordis prae dolore, Illis mota viscera, corda tremuerunt, Dum alter in alterius colla irruerunt, Expetentes oscula, quae vix receperunt Propter multitudines, quae eos compresserunt.

Dum miloj da jaroj, la bonstato de tiuj egiptoj kaj sudananoj de pendis de la fluo de la Nilo.