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Answer for the clue "___ gratias (thanks be to God: Lat.)", 3 letters:

Alternative clues for the word deo

_____ volente

Gillespie standard "Tin Tin _____"

_____ gratias

___ gratias (thanks to God)

___ volente

In excelsis ___

"Gloria in excelsis ___"

___ gratias

"Jubilate ___" (hymn of praise)

"In excelsis ___"

Whittier war poem "Laus ___"

"___ gratias"

___, Optimo, Maximo (Benedictine motto)

___ volente (God willing)

"___ Juvante" (motto of Monaco)

"___ vindice" (Confederacy motto)

"___ Juvante" (Monaco's motto)

"Laus ___" (words atop the Washington Monument)

"Confiteor ___ omnipotenti" (Latin prayer starter)

"... in excelsis ___"

To God, in hymns

"Gloria in Excelsis ___" (hymn)

To God, in a hymn

To God: Lat.

___ juvante

Whittier's "Laus ___!"

"In ___ Speramus"

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DEO may refer to: Derek Oldbury , a checkers champ. Department of Extranormal Operations , a fictional organization from DC Comics Deutsche Evangelische Oberschule , a German school in Cairo, Egypt.

Usage examples of deo.

The Gul Moti only glimpsed the stone-white face of her American, beside the Chief Commissioner, as Neela Deo charged past, on his way to take over the fight that was taxing Gunpat Rao to the last breath before defeat.

It was after they had cared for the Gul Moti with the best they had--water from a mountain stream and food Neela Deo had carried, in a shelter made of tender Deodar tips, where she now slept on a bed made of the same--that the mahouts told the Chief Commissioner and Skag, all they themselves had seen.

Neela Deo had gone out to find the Gul Moti, carrying the Chief Commissioner and Son of Power.

Just a bit of Third, and the edge of the intersection where Deo should be waiting.

Ambivalent about the extra fifteen minutes Deo now had to pick him up.

Just as he was about to step into the tunnel that led down to his train, he glanced back at the departure lounge to notice Deo come hurrying in.

He gestured for Deo to join him, waiting until the wheelman was inside the house before turning back to Kilbourne.

They also revealed that, although he and Foss had been listed in the Most Wanted circulars, Deo had remained unidentified.

Foss, Deo, and he would scout the neighborhood, record the movements of the occupants of the house.

As soon as Deo pulled up, Foss threw the bags in the back, then climbed in behind them.

So, after talking to Greg over the phone, Deo and Megan had set out in search of him.

I not hear the Deputy Commissioner Sahib say that he came from the Vindhas, and that Neela Deo is from High Himalaya?

But from High Himalaya to the beaches of Madras, from sea to sea, the triple Highway-of-all-India was nowhere more august than here, where Neela Deo lived.

So in the day of Neela Deo, most exalted King of all elephants, came a runner at the end of his last strength.

So the people of Hurda went out to meet Neela Deo, King of all elephants.