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Answer for the clue "Gridiron datum", 3 letters:

Alternative clues for the word int

Bank account amt.

Passbook abbr.

Savings acct. abbr.

Home-loan cost amt.

S.& L. accrual

Savings-account abbr.

Bankbook entry: Abbr.

Abbr. on a bank statement

Bank figure: Abbr.

Earnings on a bank acct.

Bank acct. addition

C.D. offering: Abbr.

Bank statement abbr.

Bank earnings: Abbr.

Some investors' income: Abbr.

Bank accrual: Abbr.

Bank acct. entry

Investment consideration: Abbr.

Kind of verb: Abbr.

C.D. consideration

Lender's income: Abbr.

Bond accrual: Abbr.

A.C.D. provides it

Abbr. on some statements

I.R.A. increaser

Rate affected by the Fed: Abbr.

Info for an I.R.S. Sched. B

4%, say, on a bank acct.

Acct. info

Passbook entry: Abbr.

Acct. earnings

Bank statement amt.

Something taken into account?: Abbr.

Some acct. money

I.R.S. charge, perhaps: Abbr.

Verb type: Abbr.

Football turnover: Abbr.


It may be usurious: Abbr.

I.R.A. increaser: Abbr.

Some income: Abbr.

Addition to an I.R.A.: Abbr.

C.D. earnings: Abbr.

QB's misfire: Abbr.

C.D. earnings

Bond yield: Abbr.

Bank acct. info

Form 1040 fig.

Bankbook abbr.

Gridiron abbr.

Acct. bonus

Bank acct. amt.

Bank book abbr.

Amt. compounded at a bank

Bank buildup: Abbr.

Football stat.

Form 1099 amt.

Quarterback's error: Abbr.

Bankbook col.

QB's stat.

Undesirable result of making a pass?: Abbr.

1099-___ (tax form sent by a bank)

1040 amt.

Pigskin pickoff: Abbr.

Cause of a turnover: Abbr.

Bankbook fig.

QB's mistake: Abbr.

Income source on a 1040: Abbr.

QB's statistical blemish

Play that introduced the word "robot"

Stat that a QB doesn't want to be high: Abbr.

Gridiron stat.

QB's blunder

Gridiron datum: Abbr.

Monthly entry on a bank statement: Abbr.

QB datum

Sched. B entry

Football stat: Abbr.

Negative stat. for a QB

C.D. fig.

It's often compounded: Abbr.

N.F.L. stat: Abbr.

Bank acct. earnings

Bank fig.

Bank abbr.

Banking abbr.

Type of vb.

T-bill payout

Prin.'s earning

Savings-bk. entry

Savings-acct. entry

Bond payout, briefly

Chg. for a loan

Bankbook info

Opposite of ext.

Bk. bonus

Like the U.N.

Part of I.R.S.

Bank pymt.

F.H.A. charge

Part of I.L.O.

Bank depositor's div.

Part of speech: Abbr.

Savings-account addn.

Bank term: Abbr.

Bankbook abbr. (3)

Part of I.T.T.

Abbr. in banking

QB's miscue

Worldwide: Abbr.

Savings-book entry: Abbr.

What's Watt's dept.?

Financial abbr.

Bank divd.

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Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
Etymology 1 abbr. 1 intelligence 2 intermediate 3 international 4 interior (qualifier: describing the location of a shot in a film script, etc.) n. (context programming English) An integer. Etymology 2 alt. 1 it is not; it isn't; 'tisn't; it'sn't 2 is not;...

Wikipedia Word definitions in Wikipedia
INT is an assembly language instruction for x86 processors that generates a software interrupt . It takes the interrupt number formatted as a byte value. When written in assembly language, the instruction is written like this: INT ''X'' where ''X'' is the...

Usage examples of int.

The Wal-Mart loomed off the highway, and then the trees closed in, and he was getting off iff from holding on to the on Rolling Hills Poad, his shoulders sti int wheel so tightly.

I call to mind the specific language of the Treaty Mospheira which calls for experimental contacts in s ence leading to agreements of definition and unequivo terminology, with a view tofuture intercultural coope tions under the appointment of appropriate atevi offic This seems to me one of those areas in which coop ation could work to the benefit of atevi, widening int cultural understanding, fulfilling all provisions of t Treaty wherein .

PALACE - NIGHT As troops roll helplessly in the snow-covered purple haze, the butlers load the ministers onto waiting choppers as -- 221 INT.

ON STAIRS - MEANWHILE Steed gaining on the butlers, heading for the stairs, as -- 228 INT.

As he advances, ZOOM IN EXTREME CLOSEUP Emma's eye DISSOLVE TO: 303 INT.

 In  th e  first,  he wrot e  tha t he' d gotte n int o a figh t wit h hi s sister over th e hallway incident : "Sh e pro • ceeded  t o  punc h  m e  several  times .

Simon, the Int Corps fellow, spoke fluent Arabic and had spent most of his working life in the Middle East, including a long tour with the Sultan of Oman's forces as an Int collater and a spell in Beirut itself when the Brits supplied people to the UN forces.

He was a shaky driver in reverse, oversteering madly, swinging back and forth in abrupt Vs across the road, but he did make it all the way to the bottom before plowing into the front end of a silver Jensen interceptor III with stereo t/d, AM/FM, a/c, brown int.