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Answer for the clue "Bounty letters", 3 letters:

Alternative clues for the word hms

_____ Pinafore

Naval inits.

Pinafore, e.g.

Seagoing inits.

Initials at sea

Letters at sea

Abbr. in a G. & S. title

Pinafore letters

___ Bounty

___ Pinafore

Oceangoing inits.

Initials on the high seas

"___ Pinafore"

___ Beagle

Abbr. for the Prince of Wales

Britannia letters

Horatio Nelson's ___ Victory

Maritime letters

Royal Navy letters

Designation for U.K. vessels

___ Victory (tourist attraction in Portsmouth, England)

Abbr. in a G. & S. title

Ship initials

Pinafore, for one

Brit. battlewagon

Admiralty abbr.

Letters on the Pinafore

Initials on a limey's cap

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