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Answer for the clue "Holocaust hero Wallenberg", 5 letters:

Alternative clues for the word raoul

"Le Bestiaire" artist Dufy

"Eating ___" (1982 black comedy)

Vicomte in "The Phantom of the Opera"

Swedish diplomat Wallenberg

Fauvist painter Dufy

"The Thief of Baghdad" director Walsh

Humanitarian Wallenberg

"The Phantom of the Opera" suitor

Dadaist Hausmann

French Fauvist Dufy

Movie director Walsh

Painter Dufy

French artist Dufy


Director Walsh

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Population (2000): 1816 Housing Units (2000): 284 Land area (2000): 1.947346 sq. miles (5.043602 sq. km) Water area (2000): 0.000000 sq. miles (0.000000 sq. km) Total area (2000): 1.947346 sq. miles (5.043602 sq. km) FIPS code: 63588 Located within: Georgia...

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Raoul is a French variant of the male given name Ralph .

Usage examples of raoul.

Jamil had been putting this off, because he was certain he would be in for a barrage of excuses and evasions, all adding up to the fact that Raoul had, and after much work, obtained an autographed vid of Rusty Love.

I have told Raoul where the meeting place will be-which is not too far from the location of that earlier Battle of Poitiers, the English having gotten word of the French advance and turned south to look for better defensive position.

We are interrupted by Raoul, who says that he has been looking for me for days, and who has a funny story to tell us.

Raoul, with pessimistic foreboding, was convinced that there were only girls next door.

That these were the Laagi worlds themselves seemed improbable, since Raoul had evidently not found the Laagi home place or places attractive.

He says I mustn't lead the ladies on, and he accuses me of flirting with Gary and Raoul in the same breath!

Rumors vary, but insiders say leading man Depp and Cox butted heads over the director's script and his take on Raoul Duke.

And yet when Raoul began his labor of classing the flotilla, and got together the chalands and lighters to send them to Toulon, one of the fishermen told the count that his boat had been laid up to refit since a trip he had made on account of a gentleman who was in great haste to embark.

Pontellier returned to his wife with the information that Raoul had a high fever and needed looking after.

Xris theorized that the mind-altering drugs taken by the Loti had somehow made Raoul susceptible to the Little One's thoughts.

The circulation of the descriptions of the Loti and the empath known as Raoul and the Little One has produced results.

The Loti, Raoul, and the empath known as the Little One traveled to the planet on commercial transport.

The malachite green sea merged with the peridot green water flowing through the channel of the large lagoon that nestled between the volcanic lava cliffs of Raoul Island.

As Raoul trudged uphill through the gate in Mastiffs inner wall, he saw Dom stop by each of his men briefly.

It was Saturday night, and Raoul was more than ready to paint the town& or a small portion of Lake Charles.