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Answer for the clue "Hefty volumes", 5 letters:

Alternative clues for the word tomes

Unabridged editions

Big books

Heavy reading

Weighty books

References, often

Big leaf containers


Parts of "complete works"

Librarians' loads

Weighty reading?

Heavy volumes

Antiquarian's stock

Fillers of library shelves

Large volumes

Heavy literature?

Voluminous volumes

Ponderous volumes

Items in stacks

Weighty works

Library items

Library lineup

Ponderous works

Big bites for bookworms

Lexicons, e.g.

Weighty volumes

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n. (plural of tome English)

Wikipedia Word definitions in Wikipedia
Tomes is a surname, derived from Thomas . It may refer to Alan Tomes (born 1951), Scottish rugby union player Josef Tomeš (born 1954), Czech historian Kimberly Tomes (born 1956), American beauty queen Margot Tomes (1917–1991), American children's book illustrator...

Usage examples of tomes.

Each day was a battle to accomplish three things: use only what magic was absolutely necessary, despite the ever-growing temptation, toop hard and fast and frequently, and continue collecting and searching the tomes wherein might lie the answer to his all-consuming question.

As he hailed a cab to take him to The Cloisters to pick up a copy of one of the last tomes in New York that he needed to check, he didn't notice the fascinated glances women walking down the sidewalk turned his way.

The lass would have to endure a short time of comfortable captivity while he finished translating the final tomes, then he would leave, and release her somewhere along the way.

The deeper he dug into tomes that neither he nor Drustan had previously spared a thought for, the more he realized that his clan had forgotten, even abandoned, much of their ancient history.

His mind raced over details: eradicate all sign of a tussle, pack up the last two tomes, stop at her place for her passport, take her artifacts to the bank, get them to the airport.

Ahem, lass, the tomes I needed aren't here, so we're going to have to go back in time and get them?

Silvan was a fine scribe, possessing an enviably steady hand, and had devoted himself to recopying, with exquisitely embellished carpet pages, the older tomes whose ink had faded o'er time.

There are reasons certain tomes have ne'er been made available to the world.

Chloe asked again, stepping gingerly between a pile of leather-bound tomes and a heart-breakingly rusted shield, peering deeper into the shadowy corners of the chamber.

Had Kim and Tomes not searched specifically in that location, they would never have found it.

The more ancient tomes, still chained to the bookshelves, had been unshelved, and hung from their links like prisoners in some dungeon cell.

Most mages of the Kirin Tor had at least some semblance of order to their archives, with their most valuable tomes hidden away.

So far these tomes had resisted every common entreaty and physical attempt to sidestep their locks and traps, and the detecting cricket practically mewled in horror whenever he attempted to unlock them.

For Lady Delth he made a listing of the moldering elven tomes in the library.

These tomes had strong magics on them, and he could spend an evening among his divinations before getting even the first hint what style of spell protected its contents.