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Answer for the clue "Remark from a draft dodger? ", 4 letters:

Alternative clues for the word brrr

Usage examples of brrr.

Gary's bar and grill operation was located in the Hotel Booze in the town of Brrr, so named because it was the coldest spot in the county.

With the addition of elevators, indoor plumbing, and beds in the sleeping rooms, the Hotel Booze became the flagship of Brrr's burgeoning tourist trade, and Gary became president of the chamber of commerce.

Half an hour later, when he arrived at the address in Brrr Township, he knew he was in the right place.

Fortunately a sudden wind from the lake turned back the flames, and Mooseville and Brrr have been saved.

He would also check the church in Brrr where Hixie had scheduled the next performance of "The Big Burning.

Phoning the number listed for the Brrr Community Church, he was assured that someone would meet him there.

Even the town of Brrr, with its undistinguished architecture, looked like an enchanted village.

Then, on Monday he attended Gil Inchpot's funeral at the Brrr Community Church, taking care to dress warmly.

It was snowing again, and he picked up Hixie Rice at the newspaper for the drive to Brrr.

He drove me to the Brrr hospital and stayed while they X-rayed and put on a soft cast.

Herbert is coming down from Brrr with some friends, and Madame is doing stuffed quail with apricot coulis.

I had Grandma and Grandpa Inchpot right here in Brrr, and Mom never talked about her own parents.

Sims from the Brrr church, the Pickax clergymen having declined to leave their flocks on Christmas Eve.

Do you realize how many square miles of woodland belong to the Klingenschoen estate around Mooseville and Brrr?

The early settlers had given them outlandish names: Sawdust City, Chipmunk, Squunk Corners, Middle Hummock, West Middle Hummock, Wildcat, Smith's Folly, Mooseville, even a village named Brrr.