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Answer for the clue "Subj. for aliens", 3 letters:

Alternative clues for the word esl

Course for a newcomer to the U.S.: Abbr.

Night school subject: Abbr.

Immigrant's study, for short

Subj. for immigrants

Subj. for new citizens

Immigrant's course: Abbr.

Immigrant's course, briefly

Immigrant's class: Abbr.

Night school subj.

Course often taught by volunteers: Abbr.

Precitizenship course: Abbr.

Alien subject?: Abbr.

Subj. for U.S. newcomers

Subj. for some future bilinguals

Immigrant's sch. course

Night school course: Abbr.

Immigrant's subj.

What an alien might take: Abbr.

It's often taken in night sch.

Some aliens take it: Abbr.

Night class subj.

Adult ed. class, often

Night school class, for short

Educ. course in which grammar and idioms are taught

Many an ex-pat takes it

What an au pair might take: Abbr.

Course for a recent Г©migrГ©: Abbr.

An alien may take it: Abbr.

Course for a future U.S. citizen, maybe: Abbr.

Subj. for bilinguals

Class for U.S. citizens-to-be

Alien's subj.

Night sch. class

Immigrant's course, for short

What a future American might take: Abbr.

Subj. for some foreigners

Night sch. course

Course for new U.S. arrivals

Course for some immigrants: Abbr.

What an issei might enroll in: Abbr.

An expat may take it: Abbr.

It fosters bilingualism: Abbr.

Class for newcomers to America, for short

Accent reduction may be part of it: Abbr.

U.S. alien's subj.

Subj. for some green card holders

Subj. for recent arrivals, maybe

Subj. for a citizenship applicant

Subj. for U.S. citizens-to-be

Frequent night school subj.

Class for some immigrants, for short

Common adult ed course

Subj. for many newcomers

Adult ed course, often

Nonnative speaker's course, in brief

Class for a future citizen, for short

What an au pair might study, briefly

Accent reduction may be a subj. in it

Something most Americans won't take, for short

Subj. with many irregularities

Subj. for an au pair, maybe

Subj. for the foreign-born

What you might hear halting speech in, for short

Subj. for many green card seekers

Subj. for 6-Downs

Course for many immigrants, for short

Subj. for a future bilingual

Course for a prospective citizen, for short

Some newcomers' study, in brief

Subj. for a diplomat, maybe

Course for a recent

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ESL is a common abbreviation for English as a Second Language. ESL may also refer to: