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Answer for the clue "Financial statement abbr.", 3 letters:

Alternative clues for the word ytd

Col. in a profit-and-loss statement

So far, on a pay stub: Abbr.

Stock page abbr.

Balance sheet abbr.

Company report abbr.

Pay stub abbr.

Since 1/1, to a C.P.A.

Since Jan. 1

Ongoing accounting fig.

Time period for a C.F.O.

Wall Street earnings abbr.

Financial report abbr.

Abbr. on a pay stub

Time period on a financial stmt.

Stock listings abbr.

Financial page abbr.

Thus far, on a quarterly stmt.

Abbr. among stock listings

Since 1/1

Pay stub initialism

Jan. 1 till now

Accounting abbr.

Fig. on a quarterly report

From Jan. 1 till now

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YTD may refer to: Year-to-date , an abbreviation YouTube Downloader Thicket Portage Airport , the IATA airport code