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Answer for the clue "See note ", 2 letters:

Word definitions for mt in dictionaries

The Collaborative International Dictionary Word definitions in The Collaborative International Dictionary
MT \MT\ n. A metric ton , a unit of weight equivalent to 1000 kilograms. [abbr.] Syn: metric ton, tonne, t.

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
abbr. 1 Mount (''in the names of mountains'') 2 Mount (''in the names of cities'') a. (context biology English) mitochondrial init. (context biology English) mitochondrion or mitochondria

Wikipedia Word definitions in Wikipedia
MT , Mt , mT , mt , or Mt. may refer to:

Usage examples of mt.

Mter the way he won at Sandown," remarked one of the sheepskin coats, he must be a castiron certainty.

Mter the second rest stop, Zainal struck off in a northerly direction, pointing to broad fields of golden stubble that spread upwards to a rocky summit.

Mter the Hoods hit the headlines, the insurance firms saw things a wee bit differently.

Mter the war it had served as an office building for Kries Marburg until then Colonel Graf Peter-Paul von Greiffenberg had been released from imprisonment in Siberia.

The Onieromancer, one of the head archmages of Candor (and no, nobody knows his real name), hires the player characters to pick up a robe he'd had commissioned several years ago for him from a small village, Oscoro, in the midst of the Icewind Mts.

The ancient Terrans held a simplistic view of planetary genesis still accepted today in most respects Thev believed that planets were formed by accretion of smaller fragments dust, gas and ices remaining about a star after or during stellar formation As each planet grew, its interior warmed through gravitational contraction with heat released by radioactive decay The surfaces and mten ors of Neta-class (modern terminology) plan ets soon became molten After about one eon sufficient cooling occurred to form a solid crust Convection in the planet's mol ten mtenor caused continued breakup of the crust and formation of new crust i^mubt like scum floating on the surface of a bubbling pot of molten fanmetal) As cooling contin ued the crust thickened to the pomt where it became stable and a basically permanent feature This typically occurred .

Mter a blizzard which raged for days—no, for an ungues sable part of the nearly sunless night which is winter here-I could not but lead men north to see how Bengta fared.