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Answer for the clue "Precious Chinese carvings ", 5 letters:

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n. (plural of jade English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: jade )

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Jades (, also Romanized as Jaddes ; also known as Ḩadas and Jadīs ) is a village in Deris Rural District , in the Central District of Kazerun County , Fars Province , Iran . At the 2006 census, its population was 367, in 80 families.

Usage examples of jades.

Other than a framed print of the San Juan Islands and another one of Warring States decorative jades, there was nothing individual in the room.

Yet I cant help imagining what it would be like to discover the greatest collection of Chinese jades ever assembled on earth.

The look in his eyes told her that he was completely under the jades spell.

There was no need, except on the rare occasions when the jades were being loaned for various exhibitions.

Even if he had needed cash desperately, there were other jades that could be sold, other ways to raise cash.

Id like to give those of you who are into painting and ceramics a brief overview of jades importance in China.

If not, then tomorrow, when she returned the exhibition jades to the Tang vault in Vancouver.

The artists had used the natural color variation in the jades to suggest movement and vitality.

While he moved around the vault, replacing the jades that had been in the Seattle exhibition, he wished bitterly that he had enjoyed the benefit of Wens wisdom before his eyes and touch were clouded by age.

What she could see of the jades surface appeared unblemished, with neither cracks nor chips nor gouges to mar the even flow of stone.

Just thinking about what would happen if a museum put these jades in the lobby.

He used every minute variation in the jades natural color to enhance the theme.

Without Kyle, she was certain that she wouldnt have gotten the Tang jades off Farmer Island.

All of Sengs jades put together didnt equal one of the three Tang pieces I appraised for this trade.

Ill take the jades back to Wen and tell him that I dont want to broker any more blind trades for the Tangs.