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Answer for the clue "Beaujolais or Chablis", 3 letters:

Alternative clues for the word vin

Pinot Chardonnay


Sauterne, e.g.

Chablis or Beaujolais

Sportscaster Scully

Beaujolais, say

Bordeaux, e.g.

___ rouge

Paris potable

Cru product

Carte listing

Loire valley product

Chablis, for one

Beaujolais, e.g.

ApГ©ritif choice

Burgundy or Chablis

Rouge or blanc selection

Car antitheft aid, for short

Car registration fig.

Porto, par exemple

Drink at un cafГ©

Diesel in movies


Médoc, e.g.

Bordeaux wine

Sports announcer Scully

___ rosé

Chablis, e.g.

Bordeaux or champagne

Médoc, for one

___ blanc

Medoc, e.g.

Nice drink

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Vin may refer to:

Usage examples of vin.

I may have offended her about the haggis, but I think our guests might be more comfortable with coq au vin.

His cover identity was that of Vin Leiger, a young man from a Rimworld who had gotten into trouble.

Vin Leiger, he realized, had a more complete history than he did himself.

Vin Leiger, and I thought perhaps I would like to learn more of a man who can be so casual in a place where so few of his kind are found.

Kaj tial eble estis, kial mi ne volis havi vin kaj la vian kun mi en la balono.

Gisquette, la fontaine jetait par trois bouches, vin, lait et hypocras, dont buvait qui voulait.

Aeolian Tranformers, Gribbleflotz Sal Vin Betula, Gribbleflotz Vin Sal Aer Fixus, Gribbleflotz Sal Aer Fixus and the Gribbleflotz Amazing Lightning Crystal.

The bikers occupied three tables and were washing down platters of entrecote steak and chips with tumblers of dark red vin ordinaire.

Puis il haussa les epaules, comme pour secouer les soucis, et, tirant de dessous la table une bouteille et des verres, il nous versa du vin blanc.

On one of the rare occasions when Benton and I ever really got away from our work, we toured the Grands Vins de Bourgogne and were received by the revered domains of Drouhin and Dugat, and tasted from casks of Chambertin, Montrachet, Musigny and Vosne-Romanee.

Certainly any outfit that hired Vin Boling to ramrod such a deal, and men like Pace, Mather, and Bordie to carry it out, was planning on riding roughshod over any opposition.

Madden turned at the booming voice and found himself facing Sid Bordie and a man he remembered vaguely as Vin Boling.

That Vin Boling or one of the men with him had established secret contact with Russ Fagin seemed obvious, and if they had, they would know about Chipan.

There was no stair on this side, and he knew that by now Vin Boling would be ascending.

It's minor-key enough to be eerie against the empty lilt of the voice and the clinks of tines and china as Mario's relations eat turkey salad and steamed crosiers and drink lager and milk and vin blanc from Hull over behind the plants bathed in purple light.