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Answer for the clue "The Beatles' "___ Road"", 5 letters:

Alternative clues for the word abbey

Famed Dublin theater

Yeats's _____ Theatre

Place of worship

Westminster, for one

London's ___ Road Studios

Religious retreat

Friar's home

Gothic novel setting, maybe

Superior residence?

Wordsworth's "Tintern ___"

Monk's home

With 46-Down, 1969 album by the 38-Across

Westminster ___

"The Name of the Rose" setting

Westminster, e.g.

Austen's "Northanger ___"

Order setting

A church associated with a monastery or convent

A monastery ruled by an abbot

Setting for Umberto Eco's "The Name of the Rose"

"___ Road," Beatles album

"The Sound of Music" setting


Dublin's ___ Theatre

Famed ruins at Cluny


Tintern or Westminster

Place to change a habit?

Mont-Saint-Michel, e.g.

"Tintern ___": Wordsworth

Westminster follower

Word definitions for abbey in dictionaries

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Word definitions in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
noun COLLOCATIONS FROM CORPUS ■ ADJECTIVE benedictine ▪ The original town had been founded with a new market place in 1135-9 by the Benedictine abbey there. cistercian ▪ At Pipewell in Northamptonshire, earthworks remain of the pre-existing hamlet, mixed...

The Collaborative International Dictionary Word definitions in The Collaborative International Dictionary
Abbey \Ab"bey\ ([a^]b"b[y^]), n.; pl. Abbeys (-b[i^]z). [OF. aba["i]e, abba["i]e, F. abbaye, L. abbatia, fr. abbas abbot. See Abbot .] A monastery or society of persons of either sex, secluded from the world and devoted to religion and celibacy; also, the...

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
n. 1 (given name female diminutive=Abigail). 2 (given name male diminutive=Albert). 3 A British surname.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary Word definitions in Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary
mid-13c., "convent headed by an abbot or abbess," from Anglo-French abbeie , Old French abaïe , from Late Latin abbatia , from abbas (genitive abbatis ); see abbot .

WordNet Word definitions in WordNet
n: a church associated with a monastery or convent a convent ruled by an abbess a monastery ruled by an abbot

Wikipedia Word definitions in Wikipedia
An abbey is a complex of buildings used by members of a religious order under the governance of an abbot . It provides a place for religious activities, work and housing of Christian monks and nuns . The concept of the abbey has developed over many centuries...

Usage examples of abbey.

Please Please Me George Martin thought it was time for an album, and they were even given a day off to get down to London from Sunderland, in order to be fresh on the morning of 11 February when they were due to record ten new songs at Abbey Road.

The first session for the Revolver album was held at Abbey Road on 6 April 1966.

In their quest to provide the best-value album ever, the Beatles even addressed themselves to this and on 21 April they went to Abbey Road for the final recording session of the album.

Almost all the songs that would appear on the White Album and Abbey Road were composed in those few productive weeks.

The Beatles managed to avoid most of the day-to-day madness of Apple by first going to India, then disappearing into Abbey Road to record The Beatles, or the White Album, as it is universally known.

Despite the acrimonious disputes between them, the Let It Be sessions merged with very little gap into sessions for what was to become their next released album, Abbey Road.

Whereas each track on the White Album is considered the work of an individual Beatle, Abbey Road has a deceptive unity created by making the whole of side two into a medley.

Ad Lib club, 132-4, 139 Adams, John and Marina, 126, 254 Aitken, Jonathan, 228 Albufeira, Portugal, 204 album sleeve designs, 333-48, 500-506, albums, by the Beach Boys, 280-81 by the Beatles Abbey Road, 550-59, 565 Beatles: Love Songs, Beatles for Sale, 38, 173 Let It Be, 470, 534-9, 549-51, 575, 578 Magical Mystery Tour, Please Please Me, 93, 95, 153, 583 Revolver, 190, 268, 281, 290-92 Rubber Soul, 268, 278, 290 Sgt.

When he reached the Abbey he inquired for the Almoner whose task it is to give food and clothes to the poor.

Be it yours if it suffice you not to have already seized an archbishopric, six vacant sees, and many abbeys, to the peril of your soul, and turned to secular uses the alms of your fathers, of pious kings, the patrimony of Jesus Christ!

Miss Burd if I may run over into the Abbey and leave it on the organ for him.

It was only a few hundred yards from the school to the Abbey, and Miss Burd readily gave the girls permission to take Dr.

Garrick, the celebrated actor who was buried twenty years later in Westminster Abbey, came forward and tried in vain to restore order.

His gaze dropped from the gilded altar down to the bright crimson robe of an abbey docent who was being waved over by two very familiar individuals.

Enfeebled grey light lay gasping against the windows, a reflection of the fogbound twilight that had enrobed the ridge on which the abbey sat.