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Answer for the clue ""Disinfect to Protect" brand", 5 letters:

Alternative clues for the word lysol

Popular disinfectant

Cleaner/disinfectant brand

Eliminator of 41-Down

Disinfectant brand

Janitor's supply

Antiseptic brand

Spray under the sink

Everyday disinfectant

Custodian's supply

Disinfecting Wipes brand

Cleaning aid since 1889

A clear oily brown solution of cresols in soap

Used as an antiseptic and disinfectant

Word definitions for lysol in dictionaries

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary Word definitions in Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary
brown oily coal-tar solution used as a disinfectant, 1890, coined, perhaps in German, from Greek lysis "dissolution" (see lysis ) + -ol , element indicating "oil."

Wikipedia Word definitions in Wikipedia
Lysol is a trade name for common household cleaners. Lysol may also refer to: Lysol (album) , a 1992 album by The Melvins Lysol, a character portrayed by muMs da Schemer "The Mad Real World" skit on Chappelle's Show Lysol 200 , an event in the 1999 NASCAR...

Usage examples of lysol.

There are white men in the Solomons who stake all upon boracic acid, and others who are prejudiced in favour of lysol.

When Centaine had caught them at it, she had scrubbed him in a scalding tub of Lysol and carbolic soap that had taken the skin off his most tender parts.

Alone in the diner rest room, alone with the stink of Lysol and piss and little blue cakes of toilet cleanser, Alvin leaned over the sink again and splashed his face with the icy cold water gurgling halfheartedly from the tap.

There was no antiseptic, no medicine not even a bottle of Lysol or a packet of Aspro.

He stopped the fire engines, the swan, and the stag, devaluated Rasputin's coins, sent Goethe back to the Mothers, sent four thousand dizzy little children floating off to Kasemerk, across the Vistula, to the kingdom of heaven -- and picked Oskar up from his sickbed, and lifted him up on a cloud of Lysol, that is to say, he disinfected me.

She found a bottle of Lysol and disinfected the outside of the plastic bag.

And he knew names, so many that it became tedious, that to me who was also swimming in Lysol the question of the life and death of a hundred thousand names became less important than the question of whether life and, if not life, then death, had been disinfected adequately and on time with Mr.

And while he sprayed, powdered, and rubbed, my fever blazed, his tongue wagged, and I learned about the whole carloads of carbolic acid, lime, and Lysol that he had sprayed, strewn, and sprinkled when he was disinfector in Treblinka Concentration Camp.

He told me about Bilauer, who one hot day in August had advised the disinfector to sprinkle the camp streets with kerosene instead of Lysol.

We need cigarettes, chili powder, silver polish, mayonnaise, Lysol, croutons, and chutney.

Cigarettes, chili powder, silver polish, mayonnaise, Lysol, croutons, chutney.

Al Newcum, the sales representative of South Orange Investments, has told me that the Lysol Lady wants Legal Aid.

Al Newcum, the sales representative of South Orange Investments, has told me that the Lysol Lady went to Legal Aid.