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Answer for the clue "Aristocrats", 6 letters:

Alternative clues for the word nobles

English V.I.P.'s

Lords and ladies

Court figures

Dukes and earls

They always have titles


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n. (plural of noble English)

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Population (2000): 20832 Housing Units (2000): 8465 Land area (2000): 715.386183 sq. miles (1852.841629 sq. km) Water area (2000): 6.939026 sq. miles (17.971993 sq. km) Total area (2000): 722.325209 sq. miles (1870.813622 sq. km) Located within: Minnesota...

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Nobles are members of a nobility. Nobles may also refer to: Noble & Greenough School , a preparatory school in Dedham, Massachusetts Nobles County, Minnesota , United States Nobles a series of books written for the Forgotten Realms of Dungeons & Dragons...

Usage examples of nobles.

If there were dukes or nobles who also were Old Blood, perhaps the Piebalds would endeavour to bring them into royal favour.

We sat our mounts, watching Dutiful as he was engulfed by his nobles and carried off.

And as I had heard some Jamaillian nobles did, he had painted his face, a scale-like pattern of blue above his brows and across the tops of his cheeks.

I studied them, knowing they were not nobles and lords in the sense that we used those titles.

His eyes travelled across the waiting tables and gathered nobles and then lifted to where Kettricken awaited his company on the dais.

She looked half of his forty years, a fair and slender young woman who smiled warmly as she met the gazes of the lesser nobles who watched her ascend the dais.

Outislander nobles and warriors who had accompanied the Narcheska awaited them.

For the most part, the Outislander nobles chose partners from among themselves, though one young woman dared to approach Lord Shemshy.

When the partner dances were over, the patterns began, and the high nobles resumed their seats, ceding the floor to the lesser nobility.

Chade advised me strongly that I must make gestures among his nobles to bind them to me.

In truth, I hate that such bigotry still exists in the Six Duchies, and that our nobles turn a blind eye to it.

Some formed genuine friendships, both with the nobles staying at the keep and with the merchant-traders from Buckkeep Town.

If he began to solicit support among the nobles for a match between his niece and the Prince, he could possibly put an end to both betrothal and alliance.

For a moment, I wondered if Jamaillian nobles truly dressed in such a gaudy fashion.

A few nobles already awaited Dutiful, young Civil Bresinga was there, deep in conversation with Lady Vance.