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Kum may refer to: Kum , a Serbian form of a Godfather , similar to a blood brother . Kum. , an acronym for Indian honorific Kumari , used for unmarried women. Kum , a mountain in Slovenia. Kum , Cantonese of Qin (surname) (琴), Jin (surname) (金) Kum , Cantonese...

Usage examples of kum.

Crossing the Kara Kum desert is very dangerous now, for the Turkomans recently killed the governor that the Amir of Khiva had put over them.

He seems to have got Kummer to do the pinching and I think how he did it was this.

Mercer had indicated the car standing at the end of the cul-de-sac and had asked Kummer to drive him back to his cottage on the White Walls estate.

Suppose Mercer had pushed the car onto the verge after Kummer was dead and had then walked back to Boarbridge station and had waited there for his own chauffeur, who naturally assumed that he had come down by his ordinary late train.

Ist es nicht schauerlich, an solchem Sonnentage den Kummer in den Wangenhoehlen eines Menschen wohnen zu sehen?

Born Thomas John Kummer, in Detroit, Michigan, he had changed his name to Jay Sebring shortly after arriving in Hollywood, following a four-year stint as a Navy barber, borrowing the last name from the famous Florida sports-car race because he liked the image it projected.

Sudeten mountains surrounded by forest with good-sized lakes nearby and at Kummer itself a lovely forest-girt tarn.

I am satisfied that thare want nothing made in vain, but i kant help thinking how mighty kluss the musketoze kum to it.

If President Menno or Minister Elbrus noticed the absence of Casper Bilisi, Ammon's Deputy Director of Public Safety, and Olympia city's First Assistant Coroner Kara Kum, along with a few other key members of the two departments, neither gave any indication.

  I at fust thawt I'd stay & becum a Marter to British Outraje, as sich a course mite git my name up & be a good advertisement fur my Show, but it occurred to me that ef enny of the Seventy Onesters shood happen to insert a barronet into my stummick it mite be onplesunt, & I was on the pint of runnin orf when the Prince hisself kum up & axed me what the matter was.