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Answer for the clue "K.S.U., L.S.U. or M.S.U.", 3 letters:

Alternative clues for the word sch

Acad. or univ.

M.I.T. or N.Y.U.

Student's place: Abbr.

Tech. ___

Examination location: Abbr.

Educ. institution

Part of J.H.S.: Abbr.


Coll. or univ.

H.S. part: Abbr.

Acad., e.g.

P.T.A. meeting place: Abbr.

L.S.A.T. part: Abbr.

Coll., e.g.

N.Y.U., e.g.

Jr. high, e.g.

Part of H.S.: Abbr.

Prep, e.g.: Abbr.

P.T.A. concern

P.T.A. meeting venue: Abbr.

Educ. site

U.Va. or M.I.T.

Dean's purview: Abbr.

Place at which to board: Abbr.

It opens in Sept.

Univ., e.g.

Jr.'s place

Principal location?: Abbr.

Auburn, e.g.: Abbr.

Knowledge base?: Abbr.

Org. with an "edu" address

Senior ctr.?

Brown, e.g.: Abbr.

See 126-Across

Principal's charge: Abbr.

Educ. facility

Where to study chem. or hist.

Dean's domain: Abbr.

Institute, e.g.: Abbr.

N.E.A. concern

It often starts in Sept.

Duke, e.g.: Abbr.

Tech, e.g.: Abbr.

N.Y.U. or M.I.T.

Site of class struggles?: Abbr.

Colgate, but not Crest: Abbr.

Milieu for a P.T.A.

Col., e.g.

Part of P.S.

Milieu of a prin.


Educ. edifice

Spot for a sr.

Tchrs.' milieu

Manhattan's P.S. 6 is one

Acad., for one

A two-master: Abbr.

Place for a P.T.A.

Academic inst.

J.H.S., e.g.

Educ. place

Prep. or elem.

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SCH or Sch may refer to: A Scholar of Trinity College, Dublin Sch (trigraph) , the German letter for 'sh' as in 'fish' Schizophrenia , a psychiatric diagnosis SCH (band) , an Industrial rock band from Sarajevo SCH (album) , their 1987 self-titled album...

Usage examples of sch.

Getting lost in words had been his one escape from the rigorous demands of his sched ule.

I was wondering what for diversion, what for Joys, what summer sport should I choose to program into my Sched, the big brain that served me, tweetle and shimmer and flare.

They were given a standard class berth on the Scher, an inter-orbit passenger ship.

Armor 0-495302 to the USA Inf Sch, Ft Benning Ga for mg, and for trans to Hq US Army Eight is rescinded.

We need to outfit Kat and set up a new training sched. Things will change, but they will be the same, only tougher.

We need some more intel, then make out our flight sched. It won't be more than a few days, I've got a hunch.

We're about five minutes ahead of sched. The boat commander said as soon as the chopper leaves he'll start moving toward the island.