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Answer for the clue "___ artist, sound-effects specialist", 5 letters:

Alternative clues for the word foley

House speaker before Gingrich

Murphy's role in "Beverly Hills Cop"

Det. Axel ___ of "Beverly Hills Cop"

___ artist (film crew member)

Sound effects pioneer Jack

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n. 1 (context uncountable US English) The creation of sound effects, and their addition to film and TV images 2 (context countable US English) A foley artist

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Population (2000): 7590 Housing Units (2000): 3468 Land area (2000): 14.280885 sq. miles (36.987320 sq. km) Water area (2000): 0.013234 sq. miles (0.034276 sq. km) Total area (2000): 14.294119 sq. miles (37.021596 sq. km) FIPS code: 26992 Located within:...

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Foley may refer to:

Usage examples of foley.

I wondered how many other new ships were at sea that night, steaming out of other bays and rivers toward the war, each with its crew of Blackwells and Beaches, Foleys and Ferronis, Hickses, Helimans and DeCosters.

Going over the causeway at Haulover Cut, Foley threw his brand-new Marlins baseball cap out the window.

Foley then while men held him fast and other men plunged needles into him and Doctor Millhouse presided.

Foley tried to bolster himself up with a bottle of whiskey he was carrying in his pack, until Munson took the liquor away from him.

As Clive went crashing down, Munson was blasting shot after shot at the dodging, cursing figures of Foley and Ward.

Foley took the grape sherbert bar, thrust it quickly into his pocket, and disassociated himself from Larker.

Boneface by all, came up to Fred Foley when he was ready to inspect the lavender decay that was the sherbert bar.

Twitchell uttered a series of short little screams or yelps, and Foley made sure that Twitchell was dead.

Juan Morales has been the Filmore County Coroner for twelve years and a friend of Nick Foley for almost as long.

My father whispered in my ear that his neighbour was Captain Foley, of the Goliath, who led the van at the Nile, and that the tall, thin, foxy-haired man opposite was Lord Cochrane, the most dashing frigate captain in the Service.

The fact that the best part of it dated back to the czars didn't seem to matter to the current regime, probably, Foley thought, because all Great Russians wanted to appear kulturniy, and superior to Westerners, especially Americans, whose "culture" was far newer and far crasser than the country of Borodin and Rimsky-Korsakov.

Foley took stance with his left arm tucked into the small of his back and the coach gun leveled like a huge pistol.

The Sullivans were dirt poor, their house was disgusting, and Foley beat Violet up every chance he could.

Barton Foley and Ehwardo Poplanich were lying on the rugs scattered under the jacaranda tree, singing to Suzette's gittar while Muzzaf kept time with a spoon on his knee.

Their older son played on a junior hockey team, and the KGB officers who trailed them around had it written up in their file that Edward Foley II was a pretty good wingman for a seven-year-old.