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n. (plural of accident English)

Usage examples of accidents.

But if we speak of natural quantity, there may be repugnance on the part of the form to which a determined quantity is due, even as other accidents are determined.

A begetter begets a thing like to itself in species, yet there is some unlikeness as to the accidents, owing either to the matter, or to weakness within the generative power.

Further, leavened or unleavened are mere accidents of bread, which do not vary the species.

But in the matter for the sacrament of Baptism no difference is observed regarding the variation of the accidents, as to whether it be salt or fresh, warm or cold water.

Whether the Accidents of the Bread and Wine Remain in This Sacrament After the Change?

Objection 1: It seems that the accidents of the bread and wine do not remain in this sacrament.

Since, then, after consecration, the substance of the bread does not remain in this sacrament, it seems that its accidents cannot remain.

It seems, then, that human judgment is deceived, if, while the accidents remain, the substance of the bread does not.

Therefore it is not befitting this sacrament for the accidents of bread to remain subject to the senses, and for the substance of bread not to remain.

If therefore the accidents of the bread remain after the change has been effected, it seems that the accidents are the subject of the change.

Therefore the accidents of the bread and wine ought not to remain in this sacrament.

It is evident to sense that all the accidents of the bread and wine remain after the consecration.

Some have contended that after the consecration not only do the accidents of the bread remain, but also its substantial form.

Some of the operations of bread follow it by reason of the accidents, such as to affect the senses, and such operations are found in the species of the bread after the consecration on account of the accidents which remain.

Consequently, it remains to be said, that, while the dimensions remain the same as before, there is a miraculous change wrought in the other accidents, such as shape, color, and the rest, so that flesh, or blood, or a child, is seen.