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Answer for the clue "Honey bunch?", 5 letters:

Alternative clues for the word combs

Barbershop items

"The Gift of the Magi" gift

Dopp kit items

Untangles, in a way

Barbers' aids

Part makers

Grooming implements

Gift in an O'Henry story

Grooms' gear

Hair ornaments

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n. (plural of comb English)

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Combs may refer to:

Usage examples of combs.

The bath attendant drifted hesitantly back as Alec finished dressing, offering him a tray of oils and combs.

The ivory was stained and scaling, its edges jagged with the stumps of baleen combs.

Her hair was piled up on her head and held in place by silver combs and a length of silk, in a style worn by many Busk women, and she wore no jewelry apart from long silver earrings.

Academy Headmaster who grows one side to girlish length and carefully combs it so it rides thinly up and over the gleaming yarmulke of bare gray-green-complected scalp on top and down over the other side where it hangs lank and fools no one and tends to flap back up over in any wind Charles Tavis forgets to carefully keep his left side to.

The common logic regarding the Nixon assault was that U S T T 0 D U S T 171 Wyan Nixon had shorted his boss, Deene Combs, on a small-time drug deal and had been made an example by said boss, but no one was talking, including Nixon.

Reeve A Jury of Her Peers                                 -        Susan Glaspell The False Burton Combs                     -        Carroll John Daly The Keyboard of Silence                           -        Clinton H.

Daly demonstrates why he deserves that title in The False Burton Combs, which is considered to be the genesis of the private eye.

In disclaiming any moral intentions and describing himself as a soldier of fortune, the protagonist of The False Burton Combs sets the Race Williams pattern.

The False Burton Combs I had an outside stateroom on the upper deck of the Fall River boat and ten minutes after I parked my bag there I knew that I was being watched.

An hour or more talk in which I learn all about his family and the hotel and Burton Combs drops off for his first real sleep in months.

But he would not have believed me and besides my little agreement with Combs was back in my hotel room.

And he tells how Burton Combs done them in a shady deal and when he feared they was going to tell the authorities he up and hires a professional murderer to kill them.

Then Old Combs came up to me and shook me by the hand and told me how glad he was that I was free and what a plucky little thing Marion was, and how I owed my life twice over to her.

Daly, Carroll John: The False Burton Combs by Carroll John Daly first appeared in The Black Mask, December 1922.

There were people there that I already knew, like Solid Shot, jock, and Johnny two Combs, though Two-Combs was due to return to the UK soon.