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Answer for the clue "Get the gold", 3 letters:

Alternative clues for the word win



End up ahead

Be lucky in the lottery

Carry the day


Standings stat

Convert, with "over"


Maiden's lack

Take the gold

Pitching credit

Game aim

Get one's points across?



Sports stat

Take the cake

Get a blue ribbon

Get the blue ribbon

Take home a trophy

One in column A?

Sports datum

One in the plus column

Take home

Come out on top

Stat for a starter

Sports page statistic

Walk away with

Best people

One getting a bouquet?

Have the best time, say


When repeated, advantageous to both sides

Gain, as consent

___ big


Take the prize

Take home the gold

Good part of a record


Successfully woo

Become the champ

A victory (as in a race or other competition)

Something won (especially money)

Track ticket

Be A-1 at the Big A

Take the crown

Finish first

Be the victor

Word on a tote board

Something in the plus column

Take the laurels

Place topper


Gerald Ford's button


Come out ahead

Take all the marbles

Beat the game

Get a victory

Mutuel-window sign

___ out (prevail)

Race-track sign

Counter at Churchill Downs

Take the blue ribbon


Word definitions for win in dictionaries

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Word definitions in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
I. verb COLLOCATIONS FROM OTHER ENTRIES a deserved win/victory/success etc ▪ Larsson’s goal gave Celtic a deserved victory. a party wins/loses an election ▪ Do you think the Labour Party can win the next election? be on a winning/losing streak ▪ Celtic...

The Collaborative International Dictionary Word definitions in The Collaborative International Dictionary
Win \Win\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Won , Obs. Wan ; p. pr. & vb. n. Winning .] [OE. winnen, AS. winnan to strive, labor, fight, endure; akin to OFries. winna, OS. winnan, D. winnen to win, gain, G. gewinnen, OHG. winnan to strive, struggle, Icel. vinna to labor,...

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
Etymology 1 n. (context UK dialectal Scotland English) pleasure; joy; delight. Etymology 2 vb. 1 (label en obsolete transitive) To conquer, defeat. 2 (label en transitive) To triumph or achieve victory in (a game, a war, etc.). 3 (label en transitive) To...

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary Word definitions in Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary
"be victorious," c.1300 fusion of Old English winnan "to labor, toil, struggle for, work at, strive, fight," and gewinnan "to gain or succeed by struggling, conquer, obtain," both from Proto-Germanic *winn(w)an "to seek to gain" (cognates: Old Saxon winnan...

WordNet Word definitions in WordNet
n. a victory (as in a race or other competition); "he was happy to get the win" something won (especially money) [syn: winnings , profits ] [ant: losings ] [also: won , winning ]

Wikipedia Word definitions in Wikipedia
Win were a Scottish pop band from the 1980s. After the dissolution of The Fire Engines , Davy Henderson formed Win with Ian Stoddart (Bass), ex-Fire Engine Russell Burn (Drums/Keyboards), Emmanuel "Mani" Shoniwa (Guitar/Bass), Simon Smeeton (Guitar/Bass)...

Usage examples of win.

It was now late in the afternoon, and Ralph pondered whether he should abide the night where he was and sleep the night there, or whether he should press on in hope of winning to some clear place before dark.

But his thought stayed not there, but carried him into the days when he was abiding in desire of the love that he won at last, and lost so speedily.

But, as it was, he ably supported the exposed flank that Johnston so skillfully attacked, won the battle, inflicted losses a good deal larger than his own, and gained his ulterior objective as well as if there had not been a fight at all.

Leiter out by going to the Acme Baths to make the pay-off if Shy Smile failed to win the race.

But it seems likely that such a plan of private ownership would not be tolerated under a Socialist government, for, first of all, a very large number of Socialists are opposed to such a plan, and, secondly, the political actionists who have favored it either have sacrificed thereby the principles of their party, or else by advocating the private ownership of small farms, have done so with the intention of deceiving farmers and small land owners in order to win their votes.

He brought Darryl Adin to the regular poker game one evening, and Dare won, resoundingly.

The Adjutors had been winning steadily for the past thirty years, gathering more and more power and influence to themselves.

Senor Archbishop Turpin, it is a great discredit to those of us called the Twelve Peers to do nothing more and allow the courtier knights victory in this tourney, when we, the knights who seek adventures, have won glory on the three previous days.

Sancho, that this adventure and those like it are adventures not of insulas but of crossroads, in which nothing is won but a broken head or a missing ear.

Politicians are so apt to take the line of least resistance, and when thousands of votes of small landowners are to be won through the advocacy of an exemption, exemptions there will be.

Notably so, when in a neck-to-neck dash with an express train, the aeroplane won out in a race to file the location papers of the mine at Monument Rocks.

That strike had been enough for Wang to win over Aikido, I remembered, but not in this case.

He dwelt unnecessarily, I thought, on my prior loss to Makato and on the bout I had won by forfeit because Makato had incapacitated my Aikido adversary.

Montrose took counsel with the three men he most trusted, the earls of Crawford and Airlie, and his brother-in-law, old lord Napier, as to what should be their next step when the battle was won.

Again he won, and we went the length of the street, Runt wagering nineteen dollars alce on the first card for ten consecutive times without losing a bet.