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Answer for the clue "See 61-Down", 3 letters:

Alternative clues for the word shy



Like a wallflower




Not outgoing






Not making eye contact, say

Not bold

Short of


Not camera-ready?


Hardly likely to streak

Unlikely to break the ice

Unlikely to raise one's hand in class

Hardly gregarious

Not open

Like shrinking violets


Not likely to pose nude

Reluctant to meet people, say


Slow to mix, say

"Once bitten, twice ___"


Draw back


Like a shrinking violet

Owing the pot

Leery of being noticed, maybe

Still owing

Not quite enough

Unlikely to ask someone out

Unlikely to make advances


A quick throw




Bashful; timid

Less than forward

Hardly bold

Extremely self-conscious

Short, as in a poker game



Word definitions for shy in dictionaries

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Word definitions in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
I. adjective COLLOCATIONS FROM OTHER ENTRIES coconut shy COLLOCATIONS FROM CORPUS ■ ADVERB just ▪ But he left school just shy of his fourteenth birthday. ▪ Perhaps, I thought, he was just shy about the topic, the same as I had been around my parents. ▪...

The Collaborative International Dictionary Word definitions in The Collaborative International Dictionary
Shy \Shy\, v. i. [imp. & p. p. Shied ; p. pr. & vb. n. Shying .] [From Shy , ] To start suddenly aside through fright or suspicion; -- said especially of horses.

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
1 Easily frightened; timid. 2 Reserved; disinclined to familiar approach. 3 cautious; wary; suspicious. 4 (cx informal English) short, insufficient or less than. 5 embarrassed. (rfex) n. 1 An act of throwing. 2 A place for throwing. 3 A sudden start aside,...

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary Word definitions in Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary
late Old English sceoh "timid, easily startled," from Proto-Germanic *skeukh(w)az "afraid" (cognates: Middle Low German schüwe , Dutch schuw , German scheu "shy;" Old High German sciuhen , German scheuchen "to scare away"). Uncertain cognates outside Germanic,...

WordNet Word definitions in WordNet
v. start suddenly, as from fight throw quickly [also: shied , shyest , shyer , shiest , shier ]

Wikipedia Word definitions in Wikipedia
Shy are a British metal band formed in 1980 under the name "Trojan", hailing from Birmingham , England .

Usage examples of shy.

But Mary was shy of acceding to such invitations and at last frankly told her friend Patience, that she would not again break bread in Greshamsbury in any house in which she was not thought fit to meet the other guests who habitually resorted there.

But if these muons are not sitting at rest in the laboratory and instead are traveling through a piece of equipment known as a particle accelerator that boosts them to just shy of light-speed, their average life expectancy as measured by scientists in the laboratory increases dramatically.

Leiter out by going to the Acme Baths to make the pay-off if Shy Smile failed to win the race.

Azzli shouted, sounding far less a prince two years shy of adulthood, than a boy half that age.

Shy, iridescent, coltish, pelvically anfractuous, amply busted, given to diffident movements of hand brushing flaxen hair from front of dear creamy forehead, movements which drove Bruce Green up a private tree.

Finally, the prince was rewarded as the tent flap was pulled aside and Asteria stepped into the room, looking for all the world like Artemis or golden Aphrodite, her small lyre under one arm, her eyes cast demurely down to her feet, a shy smile on her face.

Well-bred and shy about her body, Aurora stood silently as he dispensed with her gown and corset and stockings.

Jack Bedell wandered about, watching his fellow-passengers with interest, but much too shy to make acquaintances.

All his life Bibbs had kept himself to himself--he was but a shy onlooker in the world.

And Bibbs gave his sister a shy but friendly touch upon the shoulder as a complement to the handshaking, and left her.

There had been men, such as Lord Fawn on one side and Mr Boffin on the other, who had found themselves stranded disagreeably,--with no certain position,--unwilling to sit behind a Treasury bench from which they were excluded, and too shy to place themselves immediately opposite.

The singers alternately leaned toward Brod, then shied off again, to his embarrassment and the amusement of everyone else.

The Indians came up on either side of Cissy, and their mounts shied as well, ter- rified, eyes rolling back in their heads.

He shies in surprise as she jumps to his aid, cooing nurturingly, laying her hands on his shoulders to help him remove his waterlogged ulster.

I imagined that he would be handsome and gallant, but perhaps a little shy, so that I would have to coquette a little to put him at his ease.