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Answer for the clue "Zebulun's mother, in the Bible", 4 letters:

Alternative clues for the word leah

Genesis matriarch

Wife of Jacob

Levi's mother

Rachel's older sister

Jacob's first wife

One of Jacob's wives

Matriarch buried at Hebron

Ancestress of six tribes of Israel

Daughter of Laban

Biblical name meaning "weary"

Rachel's sister

Mother of Judah

Mother of Levi and Judah

Rachel's sister, in the Bible

Judah's mother

Mrs. Rabin

"Does This Make Me Look Fat?" author Feldon

Mrs. Rabin of Israel

Mother of Reuben and Simeon

First wife of Jacob

Sister of Rachel

Actress Remini of "The King of Queens"

Title girl in a 1962 Roy Orbison hit

Jacob's wife

One of Laban's daughters

Daughter of 28-Down

Matriarch of six of the 12 Tribes of Israel

Daughter of Laban, in the Bible

Woman's name meaning "weary" in Hebrew

"Dressing Rich" author Feldon

Sister of Rachel, in the Bible

"The King of Queens" co-star Remini

In-law of Esau

Wife of Jacob and in-law of 25-Across

Jacob's substitute bride

A wife of Jacob

Title woman of a 1962 Roy Orbison hit

Sculpture by Michelangelo

Jacob's first mate

Laban's elder daughter

Girl's name meaning "weary"

A daughter of Laban

One of Esau's in-laws

Laban's daughter

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Leah ( ISO 259-3 Leˀa ; La'ya; from ), as described in the Hebrew Bible , is the first of the two concurrent wives of the Hebrew patriarch Jacob and mother of six sons whose descendants became some of the Twelve Tribes of Israel, along with one daughter,...