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Answer for the clue "Name on an oval", 3 letters:

Alternative clues for the word stp

Lndy 500 advertiser

Gas station display

Popular oil additive

Engine additive

"The Racer's Edge"

Indy 500 letters

Indy 500 sponsor

Engine additive: Abbr.

Nascar sponsor

Big initials at Indy

Popular Formula One formula

Indy 500 advertiser

Oil treatment inits.

60's-70's hallucinogen

Oil additive

Racing car product

Gas station product

Fuel additive brand

Product made by Armor All

"The Racer's Edge" sloganeer

Fuel additive

Indy letters

Big Nascar advertiser

Indy 500 logo

Big Indy 500 advertiser

Initials on a Nascar car

Engine additive letters

Big name in auto products

Car care product

Racing initials

Dura Lube alternative

500 letters

Certain "edge"

Indy sponsor

Inits. at a gas station

Big race sponsor

Pit stop can

Engine additive brand

Product with the old jingle line "One little can will keep you running free"

Crankcase additive

Letters at a Nascar race

Product at a gas station

Race sponsor

Engine-cleaning brand

500 letters?

Longtime Nascar sponsor

Big letters in racing

Indy racer sponsor

Its slogan is "The Racer's Edge"

Sponsor at Indy

Popular fuel additive

Big inits. at Indy

Indy 500 inits.

Brand of octane booster

1999 Clorox acquisition

Brand at a gas station

Gasoline additive

Big car racer sponsor

Maker of fuel additives

Onetime sponsor of Richard Petty and Mario Andretti

Brake fluid brand

Auto additive brand

Racecar fuel additive

The Racer's Edge

500 initials

Longtime sponsor of racing's #43 car

___ 500, annual race in Ridgeway, Va.

Auto additive with a red oval logo

Pit crew's canful

Gas tank additive

Pep Boys product

Octane booster brand

Common Nascar letters


Car care brand

Letters on a track

"The Racer's Edge" product

Racer's brand

Gasoline additive brand

Oomph! degreaser brand

Letters at Indy

Racing letters

Motor oil brand

Sprint Cup Series sponsor

Letters on many a racecar

Brand at the Daytona 500

Standard temperature and pressure

Motor Up alternative

Big inits. in fuel additives

Indy initials

Post-off. item

P.O. item

Speedway letters


Potent hallucinogen

Motor oil choice

Race car sponsor

Word definitions for stp in dictionaries

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary Word definitions in Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary
commercial motor oil additive, probably an initialism (acronym) of scientifically treated petroleum . As the street name of a type of psychedelic drug, attested from 1967.

Wikipedia Word definitions in Wikipedia
STP may refer to: