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Answer for the clue "Mancinelli's "___ e Leandro"", 3 letters:

Alternative clues for the word ero

Mancinelli opera "_____ e Leandro"

Mancinetti opera "_____ e Leandro"

Suffix with ranch

Leandro's love

Man of courage, to Kipling

Ranch extension?

Mancinelli opera "___ e Leandro"

Leandro's love, in a Mancinelli opera

Handel cantata "___ e Leandro"

Leandro's partner in a Mancinelli opera

Leandro's partner

Leandro's love, in a Handel cantata

Ranch closing?

Ranch add-on

Back on the ranch?

Handel's "___ e Leandro"

Leandro's partner in a Handel title

Ranch addition?

Spanish occupational suffix

Leandro's amorosa

Heroine of a Mancinelli opera

Leander's love, Italian style

Leandro's girl

Ranch suffix

"___ e Leandro," Mancinelli opera

Cockney idol

Cockney's idol

Cockney's sandwich

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Ero is a genus of pirate spiders in the family Mimetidae .