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Answer for the clue ""Friends" actress, familiarly", 3 letters:

Alternative clues for the word jen

"Dawson's Creek" character Lindley

"Dawson's Creek" girl

Actress Aniston, to friends

See 78-Down

Aniston, in tabloids

Garner, for short

Actress Aniston, familiarly

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Jen is a feminine given name, frequently a shortened form ( hypocorism ) of Jennifer , and occasionally a surname. It may refer to:

Usage examples of jen.

Wahrscheinlich hatte ihm eine Dame aus dem Feenreich diesen Streich gespielt, indem sie jenen erhabenen Namen benutzte.

After a few seconds we were outside the station, dropping down the Beanstalk after Jen and Larry.

I hoped that Jen and Larry would keep their attention up, watching an endless succession of buckets flash past them and checking each one for radioactivity count.

Jen, Claus knew, cared for the shapes of nonmammalian life even less than he did.

Jen, Claus knew, cared for the shapes of non-mammalian life even less than he did.

Shortly after sunrise next morning, Claus and Jen went out for an early swim.

The example she used was of the development of smallpox vaccine using cowpox by Jenner.

In 1798, however, an English country doctor named Edward Jenner proved that inoculation with a related but nonfatal virus called cowpox could protect against smallpox, offering hope for the first time that the disease could be stemmed.

Regina Schild, Dr Klaus-Dietmar Henke, Thomas Auerbach, Roger Engelmann, Jens Gieseke and Bernd Eisenfeld were most helpful with their information and, sometimes, their own experiences.

Along with the rest of the physicists, Jens Larssen watched tensely as Enrico Fermi manipulated the levers that raised the cadmium control rods from the heart of the rebuilt atomic pile under the University of Denver football stadium.

Geschichte der Entwicklung der Menschheit zu jenen Perioden, auf denen der Blick des Kulturforschers und Fortschrittsfreundes mit besonderem Interesse ruht.

The Primary Coordinator and Colonel Jina were probably using similar programs.

Colonel Jina, Sabor concentrated on more lofty matters--and the time-eating speeches that lofty matters tend to generate.

Colonel Jina starts thinking you and our female companion are expendable.

She appeared again, almost elderly now, standing close beside Jina, her niece, who was by then middle-aged.