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Answer for the clue "Where ballplayers wear gray, with "the"", 4 letters:

Alternative clues for the word road

Word with block or test

Kind of show

Abbey or Tobacco, e.g.

Yellow brick, e.g.


Way to go


Kind of test


It has two shoulders but no head

It has shoulders

Line on a map

See 27-Down

Jam site

Driveway's end


Freeway, e.g.



It may be hogged


Route 1, e.g.

You might tear it up

Highway or byway


It may get burned up


Start of many Hope/Crosby film titles

Abbey ___


Kind of trip

Frost's "The ___ Not Taken"

Map line

See 9-Across

Blacktop, e.g.


The Beatles' "Abbey ___"

Pike, e.g.

Way less traveled

It's found between the shoulders

U.S. 1, e.g.

See 43-Across

You may find a fork in it

*"Mad Max: Fury ___"

Rocky ___

Appropriate word found in 36-Down

An open way (generally public) for travel or transportation

A way or means to achieve something

Burma ___

"Abbey ___," Beatles album

Yellow Brick, for one

Hope-Crosby way

House or hog preceder

Type of house

"Tobacco ___": Caldwell

Kind of agent or house

Yellow Brick ___

Boulevard, e.g.

What hobos hit

Macadam construction

Beatles' "Abbey ___"

Tobacco, for one

It may have broad shoulders


E. Caldwell's "Tobacco ___"

"The ___ Not Taken": Frost

What a hobo hits

There's one to Mandalay

Highway or avenue

"On the ___," Kerouac book

Middle-of-the-___ policy

"Follow the Yellow Brick ___"

Burma or Tobacco

Word with house or block

Word with side or hog

Kind of hog

"King of the ___," 1965 song

"The ___ Not Taken," Frost poem

Word in a Hope-Crosby film title

Kind of block or house

What candidates hit

Kind of bed or stead

___ to ruin

Something to hit


Word with show or map

Hope-Crosby title word, often

Word with runner or block

Kerouac's milieu

Kind of hog or map

Company or house

Word with map or hog

Tobacco or Burma

Middle or high follower

Part of a Hope-Crosby film title

Word definitions for road in dictionaries

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Word definitions in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
noun COLLOCATIONS FROM OTHER ENTRIES a coast road ▪ In summer the coast road is very crowded. a road bridge (= for cars ) ▪ The government plans to construct a new road bridge to the island. a road map ▪ a road map of Texas a road race (= when people run,...

The Collaborative International Dictionary Word definitions in The Collaborative International Dictionary
Break \Break\ (br[=a]k), v. t. [imp. broke (br[=o]k), (Obs. Brake ); p. p. Broken (br[=o]"k'n), (Obs. Broke ); p. pr. & vb. n. Breaking .] [OE. breken, AS. brecan; akin to OS. brekan, D. breken, OHG. brehhan, G. brechen, Icel. braka to creak, Sw. braka,...

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
n. 1 (context obsolete English) The act of riding on horseback. (9th-17th c.) 2 (context obsolete English) A hostile ride against a particular area; a raid. (9th-19th c.) 3 (context nautical often in the plural English) A partly sheltered area of water...

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary Word definitions in Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary
Old English rad "riding expedition, journey, hostile incursion," from Proto-Germanic *raido (cognates: Old Frisian red "ride," Old Saxon reda , Middle Dutch rede , Old High German reita "foray, raid"), from PIE *reidh- "to ride" (see ride (v.)). Also related...

WordNet Word definitions in WordNet
adj. taking place over public roads; "road racing" [syn: road(a) ] [ant: cross-country ] working for a short time in different places; "itinerant laborers"; "a road show"; "traveling salesman"; "touring company" [syn: itinerant , touring , traveling ]

Wikipedia Word definitions in Wikipedia
A road is a thoroughfare , route, or way on land between two places that has been paved or otherwise improved to allow travel by foot or some form of conveyance, including a motor vehicle , cart, bicycle, or horse. Roads consist of one or two roadways (...

Usage examples of road.

So they abode there but two days, and on the third day were led away by a half score of men gaily apparelled after their manner, and having with them many sumpter-beasts with provision for the road.

Then he walked out through the pecan trees in front of the house where Antonio stood waiting with the horses and they stood for a moment in a wordless abrazo and then he mounted up into the saddle and turned the horse into the road.

Here he reared a continuous rampart with a ditch in front of it, fair-sized forts, probably a dozen in number, built either close behind it or actually abutting on it, and a connecting road running from end to end.

The reason given for this change of form was that it more conveniently allowed the lower road to pass between the springings and ensured the transmission of the wind stresses to the abutments without interrupting the cross-bracing.

Lead truck following Aby, rolling down to the fatal turn, where the woods came near the road.

He wished to God Aby had agreed to the MacFarlane with him this year, which would have put Aby far to the south instead of on that road.

He remembered Aby living, Aby on Moon, blithe and beautiful, coming down the road in the safe lowlands.

By noon he was riding a farmland road where the acequias carried the water down along the foot-trodden selvedges of the fields and he stood the horse to water and walked it up and back in the shade of a cottonwood grove to cool it.

Sure enough, the keys were in the ignition, just like the Scorpion Lady had promised, and I drove out to Phaya Tai Road and cruised up and down it til I finally found the Acme Fertilizer Company.

She had hoped that by bringing Conward into the house, by bringing Irene under the influence of a close family acquaintanceship with him, that that young lady might be led to see the folly of the road she was choosing.

Reginald turned off the public road on to the acreage that surrounded Cranford Hall.

As I crossed the road to the Chandler House, I could see that Daniel was talking to Aden in the parking lot.

An order enjoining certain steam railroads from discriminating against an electric railroad by denying it reciprocal switching privileges did not violate the Fifth Amendment even though its practical effect was to admit the electric road to a part of the business being adequately handled by the steam roads.

The middle part of the road was raised into a terrace which commanded the adjacent country, consisted of several strata of sand, gravel, and cement, and was paved with large stones, or, in some places near the capital, with granite.

I have not the slightest pretence to virtue, but I adore the fair sex, and now you and they know the road to my purse.