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Answer for the clue "They result in two outs: Abbr.", 3 letters:

Alternative clues for the word dps

Baseball twin-killings: Abbr.

Stat for infielders

Twin killings, in baseball: Abbr.

Infielders' stat.

Get-two-out situations: Abbr.

Two-out actions: Abbr.

Quick inning enders, for short

Infielders' stats, for short

Twin killings, on a diamond: Abbr.

Baseball "twin killings," for short

Fielding feats, for short

Producers of two outs, for short

Rally killers in baseball: Abbr.

Fielding feats: Abbr.

Diamond stats

Infielder feats: Abbr.

Some Eur. emigrants

Post-W.W. II refugees

Forced emigrants: Abbr.

Emigrés, e.g.

People without a country: Abbr.

Emigrés: Abbr.

Refugees, for short

Unfortunates of W.W. II

Homeless ones: Abbr.

Homeless ones, for short

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