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Answer for the clue ""As I Lay Dying" family name", 4 letters:

Alternative clues for the word tull

1960's-80's rock group Jethro ___

Rock's Jethro ___

English agriculturist and inventor

Pioneering agriculturist Jethro

Jethro ___

Agriculturist Jethro ___

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The Collaborative International Dictionary Word definitions in The Collaborative International Dictionary
Tull \Tull\, v. t. [OE. tullen. See Tole .] To allure; to tole. [Obs.] With empty hands men may no hawkes tull. --Chaucer.

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Population (2000): 358 Housing Units (2000): 167 Land area (2000): 3.421715 sq. miles (8.862200 sq. km) Water area (2000): 0.014234 sq. miles (0.036866 sq. km) Total area (2000): 3.435949 sq. miles (8.899066 sq. km) FIPS code: 70220 Located within: Arkansas...

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Tull may refer to:

Usage examples of tull.

Conan noted that these furs seemed very similar in shape and color to the Blind Whites, as Tull had called them.

As they neared their destination, Tull halted them and began to whisper.

A short ledge led from the mouth of the tunnel along the rock wall to the beach, and Conan and Tull made their way down to the shore to join the woman.

He attained the base of the spire and climbed rapidly, joining Elashi and Tull within a moment.

She finished the chore quickly, mindful of the kind of things Tull had spoken of as living in the lake.

The Cimmerian looked across the fish at Tull, who nodded, and both men dug their paddles into the water.

Elashi, and Tull floated along the Sunless Sea for the best part of a day without major incident.

He relieved Tull after a few hours, and Elashi chose to sit with him as the older man fell into slumber.

The dead fish, aside from filling the cavern with a noxious, rotting stench, had also begun to sink to the point where it was almost impossible to propel it with the fin paddles Conan and Tull wielded.

It had massive arms and squarish, thick fingers, and its movements propelled the boat along at thrice the best speed Conan and Tull had managed to move the fish.

A few moments later the thing was out of sight, and Conan moved to where Tull and Elashi waited.

With Tull holding the ball of fungus high, the three of them started off down the tunnel.

Conan said, scrambling to attain the bare rock, as did Elashi, but Tull slipped on the smooth coating over the floor and fell.

He darted past Tull, scooped him up with one arm, and leaped for the closest patch of bare rock.

Conan smiled as he saw his two friends leap aside, except that Tull stuck his foot out and tripped the attacker.