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Answer for the clue ""Pro" votes", 4 letters:

Alternative clues for the word yeas

Those for

Votes for

Voters' choices

First side to vote

Pro votes

"Up" side

Senate support

Senate sounds

Yes votes

House votes

Voice votes

Some votes

Affirmative votes

Thumbs-up votes

First to vote

First half of a Senate vote

Half of a vote

Nay opposers

For words?

Nays' opposites

Supporting votes


Parliamentary nods

House calls?

Some hand-raisers

Supportive side

Congressional assents

Votes opposite the nays

"For" votes

Floor support?

Pro team?

Approving votes

Senatorial agreements

Votes that are an anagram of 71-Across

They vote first

Up side?


See 39-Across


Motion carriers, at times

Passing comments?

Pro side of a vote


Affirmative voters

Motion supporters

Viva-voce votes

These negate nays

Negators of nays

Favorable expressions


Senate votes

Opponents of nays

Votes in favor

Congressional votes

Certain votes

Shouted affirmations

The ayes have these

Word definitions for yeas in dictionaries

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n. (plural of yea English)

Usage examples of yeas.

This amendment, emancipating Slaves employed by their masters to aid Rebellion, was adopted by 33 yeas to 6 nays.

The last proposition was first voted on, and lost, by 105 yeas to 198 nays.

On the following Monday, December 17, by 154 yeas to 14 nays, the House adopted a resolution, offered by Mr.

On the same day, the House adopted, by 135 yeas to no nays, a resolution offered by Mr.

Yet these same six Southern Senators though present, refused to vote, and permitted the substitute to be adopted by 25 yeas to 23 nays.

Southern Senators aforesaid, had they voted, would have defeated the substitute by 25 yeas to 30 nays.

Joint Resolution of the Select Committee as heretofore given--after a vain attempt to table it--was passed by 136 yeas to 53 nays.

Clark Proposition as heretofore given, but the amendment was rejected by 13 yeas to 25 nays.

Johnson, of Arkansas, offered, as an amendment to the House Joint Resolution, the propositions submitted by the Peace Congress or Conference, but the amendment was disagreed to by 3 yeas to 34 nays.

Crittenden then offered the Propositions of the Peace Congress, as a substitute for his own-and they were rejected by 7 yeas to 28 nays.

The Crittenden Proposition itself was then rejected, by 19 yeas to 20 nays.

In compliance with the above suggestion from the President, a Joint Resolution, in the precise words suggested, was introduced into the House, March 10, by Roscoe Conkling, and on the following day was adopted in the House by 97 yeas to 36 nays.

The vote on its passage in the Senate was 29 yeas to 14 nays--all the yeas being Republican, and all but two of the nays Democratic.

April 11th, the Bill passed the House by 92 yeas to 39 nays--all the yeas save 5 being Republican, and all the nays, save three, being Democratic.

April 7, 1862, the House adopted a resolution, by 67 yeas to 52 nays-- all the yeas, save one, Republican, and all the nays, save 12, Democratic--for the appointment of a Select Committee of nine, to consider and report whether any plan could be proposed and recommended for the gradual Emancipation of all the African Slaves, and the extinction of Slavery in Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Missouri, by the people or local authorities thereof, and how far and in what way the Government of the United States could and ought equitably to aid in facilitating either of those objects.