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Answer for the clue "One before a tribunal, maybe ", 7 letters:

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The Collaborative International Dictionary Word definitions in The Collaborative International Dictionary
Pleader \Plead"er\, n. [F. plaideur.] One who pleads; one who argues for or against; an advotate. So fair a pleader any cause may gain. --Dryden. (Law) One who draws up or forms pleas; the draughtsman of pleas or pleadings in the widest sense; as, a special ...

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
n. A person, such as an advocate, who pleads.

WordNet Word definitions in WordNet
n. a lawyer who pleads cases in court [syn: advocate , counsel , counselor , counsellor , counselor-at-law ]

Usage examples of pleader.

Arrived in London, full of good advice and abundance of warnings as to the fate that awaited me, I entered as a pupil the chambers of a famous special pleader of that time, whose name was Frederick Thompson.

At the present day there is a gradual tendency to make punishment more lenient and more certain--to remove the entanglements of the pleader, and render progress towards substantial instead of technical justice more sure and speedy.

I was not sure but that the Pleader and the Screamer were not the same person.

He dispatched the second guard, shoving the gaping Pleader toward the steep path to the bridge.

Some time after receiving this letter, Derville went to the Palais de Justice in search of a pleader to whom he wished to speak, and who was employed in the Police Court.

For the rest of his life he became a very earnest, if not always very wise, social reformer and a passionate pleader for what he believed to be true economic ideals.

The first pleader was Nicolo degli Angeli, who spoke with such force and eloquence that the pope, alarmed at the effect he was producing among the audience, passionately interrupted him.

Who is this famous pleader of whose name I was happily ignorant ten minutes ago?

Is every five-groat piece of a pleader, because he chance to have a wig and a gown, to browbeat the Lord Justice, and to fly in the face of the ruling of the Court?

Berryer, like all those extemporizers without style, will only be remembered as a name, and a much disputed name, Berryer having been rather a special pleader than an orator who believed what he said.

He was entering the danger zone, but the passion of the pleader had him in its grip.

The ugly young man smiled, an empty, meaningless movement of the lips, and the Pleader Iving Creel found himself remembering that smile, at odd moments, for the rest of his life.

And, curiously, the pleading of each, instead of drawing her towards the pleader, had seemed dragging her away from him, driving her into the arms of the other.

Henrietta was weak, and Chillon Kirby an arch-plotter, and pleader too, one of the desperate lovers.

I feel a powerful pleader within my own heart and well recollect the love I bore to the object of my early affections to forbid him to have hope.