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Answer for the clue "Post-Manhattan Project org.", 3 letters:

Alternative clues for the word aec

Former nuclear agcy.

Org. once headed by Lewis Strauss

N.R.C. forerunner

N.R.C. predecessor

Truman's nuclear agcy.

Federal agcy., 1946-75

Grp. overseeing early reactors

Agcy. replaced by the N.R.C.

Former regulatory org.

Agcy. created after the Manhattan Project

Bygone nuclear agcy.

Agcy. once involved with fallout shelters

Agcy. spawned by the Manhattan Project

Old nuclear regulatory org.

Nuclear agcy. until 1975

Original nuclear regulatory grp.

Former govt. agcy. formed after W.W. II

Post-Manhattan Project agcy.


Early nuclear org.

Federal agcy. of 1946-75

Nuclear agency established by H.S.T.

Post-W.W. II fed. agcy.

Oppenheimer's agcy.

Org. replaced by the N.R.C.

A former agency (from 1946 to 1974) that was responsible for research into atomic energy and its peacetime uses in the United States

Agcy. succeeded by N.R.C.

Forerunner of N.R.C.

N.R.C. formerly

Now it's N.R.C.

N.R.C. preceder

Former nuclear watchdog: Abbr.

Former energy org.

Org. once headed by L. Strauss

Former nuclear org.

Former nuclear power agcy.

Agcy. superseded by the N.R.C.

Former power agcy.

Predecessor of the N.R.C.

Org. succeeded by the N.R.C.

Former nuclear power org.

Nuclear agcy.

Nuclear control org.

Agency supplanted by the N.R.C.

Former nuclear energy org.

Nuclear energy agcy.

Nuclear-energy org.

Govt. agency

Old nuclear watchdog: Abbr.

Agcy. succeeded by the N.R.C.

Fed. nuclear body

Nuclear org.

Power org.

N.R.C.'s predecessor

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init. 1 United States ''Atomic Energy Commission'' 2 ''Australian Electoral Commission'' 3 ''Associated Equipment Company'' 4 ''architecture, engineering and construction''

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AEC may refer to: