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Answer for the clue ""Wozzeck" composer ___ Berg", 5 letters:

Alternative clues for the word alban

English martyr

Austrian composer Berg

Composer Berg

Berg of "Lulu" fame

St. ___, first English martyr

First British martyr

Saint ___, first British martyr

British saint

Word definitions for alban in dictionaries

The Collaborative International Dictionary Word definitions in The Collaborative International Dictionary
Alban \Al"ban\, n. [L. albus white.] (Chem.) A white crystalline resinous substance extracted from gutta-percha by the action of alcohol or ether.

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
a. 1 (context historical English) Pertaining to the ancient Latin city of Alba Longa. 2 (context historical English) Pertaining to Alba, or the area now covered by Scotland. n. (given name male from=Latin).

Wikipedia Word definitions in Wikipedia
Alban may refer to: Alban (surname) Things or people from or related to Alba (Gaelic for 'Scotland') Alban wine , a wine of Ancient Rome from Colli Albani Alban Vineyards , California wine produced by vintner John Alban Alban, an alternative name used in...

Usage examples of alban.

Holding back as they reached a less-frequented street, Harry saw Alban enter the Acme Florists, which was near the middle of the block.

A sailor, expecting to find in me a generous customer, came to enquire where my trunk was, and, hearing from me that I did not know, he, as well as Captain Alban, went to a great deal of trouble to find it, and I could hardly keep down my merriment when the captain called, begging to be excused for having left it behind, and assuring me that he would take care to forward it to me in less than three weeks.

A splendid funeral procession was prepared for Drusus, in which the statues of Attus Clausus, the Sabine chief, the founder of the Claudian Gens, and of AEneas, and the Alban kings, were carried side by side, thus recalling the memories of the early regal dynasty, as well as of the severe founders of the Republic.

A young monk of the order of the Recollects who called himself Friar Stephano of Belun, and had obtained a free passage from the devout Captain Alban, joined me as we landed and enquired whether I felt sick.

Alban, the master of the peotta, had not roused me by calling upon me and informing me that the boat was ready to sail.

As I was leaving it to join the monk, I was so unlucky as to meet Captain Alban, who reproached me bitterly for having led him to believe that my trunk had been left behind.

Albans, believing that Oriana was worthy of Continental audiences, invited herand her motherto join him in Brussels.

Albans, and the resentment of the English clergy prompted them to rejoice whenever the popes were humbled and oppressed.

After Aeneas died and Iulus  grew up, he founded the city of Alba Longa on the Alban Mount-uphill from Bovillae, you might say.

Alban Mount supposed to have been founded by Iulus or Ascanius, the son of Aeneas.

Carrying his hypocrisy still further, Offa, feigning to be directed by a vision from heaven, discovered at Verulam the relics of St Alban, the martyr, and endowed a magnificent monastery in that place.

Albans, preached against sinfully endeavoring to alter the course of nature by presumptuous interposition, which he would leave to the atheist and the scoffer, the heathen and unbeliever, while in the face of his sermon, afterwards reprinted in Boston, many of our New England clergy stood up boldly in defence of the practice,--all this has been told so well and so often that I spare you its details.

Myles Falworth, a Knight of the Bath by grace of his Majesty King Henry IV and by his creation, and do come hither to defend my challenge upon the body of William Bushy Brookhurst, Earl of Alban, proclaiming him an unknightly knight and a false and perjured liar, in that he hath accused Gilbert Reginald, Lord Falworth, of treason against our beloved Lord, his Majesty the King, and may God defend the right!

This order came to an end in the eleventh or twelfth century, but the vowesses, as a class, continued to subsist in England until the convulsions of the sixteenth century, and in the Roman Church survive as a class with some modifications in the order of Oblates, who, says Alban Butler in his life of St.

The difference between twenty billion of Terra and Wolfbane, and the three thousand times that of the Alban Empire is not really sible to living minds.