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Answer for the clue "Cards traded for Musials, maybe", 4 letters:

Alternative clues for the word otts

Mel and family

Giant Mel and family

Giant Mel et al.

Baseball's Mel and others

Baseballers Ed and Mel

Giant Mel and others

Legendary Giant's family

Baseball's Mel and family

Baseball's Ed and Mel

Cards once traded for Gehrigs, say

Some valuable 1920s-'40s baseball cards

Hockey's Steve and baseball's Mel

Giant giant's family

Giant Mel and Pirate Ed

23-Across and others

Slugger Mel et al.

Mel and Ed of baseball

Giant great and family

Family of a Giant star

Former Giant's family

Baseball's Mel and Ed

Mel and Ed

Mel's family

Baseball star and family

Slugger Mel and family

Two N.L. players

Mel and a Pirate catcher

Slugger Mel's family