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Answer for the clue "Galilee town in John 2:1", 4 letters:

Alternative clues for the word cana

Miracle site

Site of Jesus' first miracle

Marriage site in John 2:1

"Marriage at ___" (Veronese painting)

Biblical miracles site

Water-to-wine site

Scene of Jesus' first miracle

Miracle site in John 2:1

Marriage site in a Veronese painting

Water-to-wine town

Biblical miracle setting

Biblical wedding site

Biblical water-to-wine site

Biblical water-to-wine locale

Water-into-wine site

Veronese's "The Wedding at ___"

Biblical miracle town

Biblical wedding place

New Testament miracle site

New Testament Galilean village

Wedding site in John 2:1

Galilee town

Famed wedding site

Site of the first miracle

Site of first miracle

Scene of two miracles

Where water turned to wine

First miracle site

Site of Christ's first miracle

Village in John 2:1

Biblical town

Town of water-into-wine miracle

Scene of the Nazarene's first two miracles

Town in Galilee

Site of a biblical wedding feast

Wedding site: John 2: 1–11

Site of a miracle

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Population (2000): 1228 Housing Units (2000): 576 Land area (2000): 7.924727 sq. miles (20.524947 sq. km) Water area (2000): 0.000000 sq. miles (0.000000 sq. km) Total area (2000): 7.924727 sq. miles (20.524947 sq. km) FIPS code: 12600 Located within: Virginia...

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Caña may refer to: Sugar cane or other canes

Usage examples of cana.

Bethlehem, Jerusalem and Nazareth, and even took a side trip to Cana where Jesus performed the first miracle at the wedding feast.

Everyone laughed and Rita placed the Cana water jar on the tray with the teapot.

She fainted just after my nurse Mary said the Cana jar reminded her of the Biblical wedding and all we needed was the bride and groom.

Chapter 6 They did not intend to stop at Magdala, but they had to at least pass through, for it was the last sea town before turning toward Cana, and the highway continued this way.

His closest friend, Nathaniel Bar Tholomew of Cana, sat beside him, deep in contemplation.

He did not notice the group which now came toward him down the Cana road.

The incident at Cana reminded him of the story of Elijah the prophet who had, centuries before, miraculously replenished the supply of oil and meal in a poor household.

When the Master and his followers left Cana, it was John who walked closest to him.

The miracle at Cana was too fresh in his memory to allow strong skepticism toward the Nazarene.

Even at the wedding in Cana, personal looks had seemed of minor consequence.

Their thoughts were on what had transpired in recent months on the Cana road, and at the wedding feast.

Master Bar Arnan went to Cana to seek out a rabbi, and the man healed his son then and there.

Met him on the road when he was returning from Cana, to tell him the son was better.

John had seen the Lord perform miracles before, both at Cana and at the feast in Jerusalem.

The Fskimo makes his or of Lord Strathcona, quoted in her appearance: Hugh Brody, Liv Pedley, Biography ofLord ing Arctic: Hunters oftbe Cana Strathcona, pp.